Physical Disability Is No Barrier To Success.

My inspiration comes from people who lives a very simple every day life ; Ordinary people with extra-ordinary stories to share. Some are so strong that nothing can ever cut their path short – not even physical ability. This time, I am going to share a story about a man who is not only strong-willed but also determined to be successful despite of his physical condition. After reading through his story, I realize that each one of use are blessed with an ability, beyond the naked eye. Sometimes its in your mind and sometimes its in your spirit.

The person I am referring to here is KHAIRUL NIZAM, the founder of JAMU MALL. Khairul Nizam is one of the many successful entrepreneurs in our country – and what makes him special is the limitation on his physical functioning. At the age of 30, he managed to build an empire that allows him to live a life that is sufficient to support not only himself but his family too.

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To know more about Khairul Nizam, you may read his struggles in his own words :

Diusia 30 .. dgn keadaan cacat .. aku betsyukur dgn kehidupan .. aku berjaya membina satu syarikat jamumall sdn bhd , dan membina platform jualan .., aku happy mampu beli ape ku nak , mampu makan yg mewah , mampu travel ke dubai , korea , japan, australia dan byk negara aku dan sampai.. yg paling best aku dpt sediakan rumah meeah utk keluarga , tanggung family dan bersedekah setiap hari …



Bukan nak riak … tapi aku tau ramai sebenarnye org diluar sane nak jadi mcm aku , nak byk duit mcm aku , nk bahagiakan family mereka mcm aku .. tapiii adakah mereka sekuat aku??


kehidupan aku dulu tak mcm ni. Bayangkan anda di dalam jasad aku.. makan perlu disuap , mandi perlu diuruskan , duduk perlu diangkat , dan tidor perlu dijaga , bukan mudah untuk aku meneruskan kehidupan seharian .


Aku menanggung kehidupan ini bukan sehari , bukan tiga hari , bukan seminggu , bukan sebulan tetapi bertahun tahun !!! Ade ketika saya rasa sangat terkesan bile ade ketika bile sy haus , lapar , penat , takde org disisi .. tapi takkan aku nak mengharapkan mati??? Allah beri aku nyawa , nafas , sedikit kekuatan jari dan akal mesti ade sesuatu manfaat yg nak aku buat ..


Aku cube merenung dan mengimbas kehidupan ramai org diluar .. kalaulah aku di beri tubuh fizikal sempurna , boleh berjalan , berlari , melompat pasti akan aku gunakan sehabis baik untuk beri manfaat pada org lain …
Aku melihat ramai yg malas untuk ubah hidup sendiri  , ramai yg suke bg bermacam alasan bile bekerja, ramai yg cepat giveup bile ade cabaran !!
Ramai cube memilih untuk kerja senang , taknak susah , lebih memilih kehidupan susah tanpa usaha dengan kuat , sanggup berhenti kerja dan mengangur bertahun2 atas dasar ego boleh bergerak sendiri dan sanggup melihat keluarga dan org sekeliling susah, Paling terkesan nak bg duit mak dan ayah, family pun tak mampu … Aku sedih !!! Terdetik keinginan aku untuk bantu mereka …
Jadi aku bangkit!!! Aku cuba buktikan pada masyarakat the best kehidupan adalah atas dasar bersyukur .. bersyukur dengan nikmat yg allah beri dan jangan sia2 kan , aku bangkit untuk beri manfaat pada org lain . Aku nak satu dunia nampak hanya 3 jari dan satu akal aku dpt melihat kegembiraan , senyuman ramai org2 disekeliling aku ..
Kini aku sedar .. untuk berjaya dlm kehidupan , pekerjaan , mahupun bisnes bukan mudah . Tetapi atas keinginan yg kuat , kasih syg yg hebat , keberanian yg tinggi , suka berlajar dan improve diri , dan juga seorang yg berkomitmen tinggi membawa aku ketahap sekarang .. Dan semua value yg ade dlm diri aku akan aku bawakan kedalam semua team aku dan masyarakat untuk mereka bangkit , bersemangat , dan berjaya !!
Akhir kata … kalau aku ada 3 jari dan akal mampu membina kehidupan sendiri dan kebahagiaan org sekeliling .. anda ade berapa jari untuk ubah kehidupan?? Usia semakin meningkat, jangan tunggu lagi.. kite je mampu ubah diri kita!!

Inspiring wasn’t it? I am truly inspired and decided to follow him. Check out his pages below :

✵ Primero Tatuaje ✵

They say there is a story behind every tattoo. Mine is simple. In fact – the most common one, in my personal opinion. Ribbon. Colorless. Seems childish, I know but the heart wants what it wants. Got my first tattoo 4 years ago, it was a long overdue plan and I didn’t want to push any longer so I decided to go with a ribbon. It was a random thought that jump into my mind – and I was like “Well, that’s it”. Once I got inked – people was quite curious, and started questioning, like “Why ribbon?”, “why colorless?”.

There were even weird questions – some even wondered if it was an inspiration from my favorite disney princess, Cinderella. At that point, it was super annoying and i often sigh about it, genuinely couldn’t find the essence to talk about my tattoo. It was less than 5 cm in size but was such a big concern for many. Eventually, I gave up and prepared a whole story in my head – LITERALLY. I knew exactly what to say – but honest, and it took quite a number of revisits to find why RIBBON was good enough to be my first tattoo.

My answer, like I’ve mentioned earlier, is as simple as my tattoo – my tattoo symbolizes the action of “giving love”. How does a ribbon can be a symbol of such action you may ask, but again tattoo stories with individual, it is a personal choice – something we want others to respect ; just like our personal space. This is the “thing” that was there in my head in the moment, and kept lingering around – it was almost difficult to take it out thus I took it a sign. I am someone who believes in love and kindness – people are capable of these and we should always spread positive vibes, than the negative ones.

And a colorless ribbon symbolizes the action has no boundaries – it is an oath to love each other without looking at one’s external but to love them with no borders – to spread kindness and love no matter where you are. It is also a symbol that love is not within human being only – it can be extended to our Mother Nature and everything we are blessed with in this universe and beyond. It is a reminder of what the fundamental of love really is to show kindness, genuine care and all the little things I do to make someone happy. It acts as the anchor to my values – holding me grounded to what I am passionate about and to always be as compassionate as I am – in spite of the circumstances.

3 Steps To Start Reading.

The most frequent question I received from people is how I practice an avid reading lifestyle. It was not something that I have developed over the years, it came naturally to me as I have always been interested in reading as a little kid ;  my favorite spot is indeed the library. I remember, when I won my first book at the age of 8 after scoring the best for English, I knew I could own books and started practicing the “Barter System” with my mother. I help her with her chores and she will get me a book as the wage, this was how it worked till I started earning. Over the years, I grew too fond of books to live without them and that is perfectly how I like it to be, but it is not something you need practice as child to make it a habit as an adult. I have helped my friends and family to start a healthy reading habit with only 3 simple steps that I am going to share with you.

1. Experiment with genres and pick the one that is interesting to you.

Not all books are meant to be read by everyone – some of the genres available are not your cup of tea. What is the best way to figure it out ? Experiment. Visit your friends or rumble through your sibling’s book racks, you might find something in there that could be interesting to you. Read the synopsis as a heads up to know the content of the book – but be mindful that synopsis functions as the precis of the book, hence you will come across instances where the content of the book is not equivalent to it.   Don’t even try to read the books that are not your type for the sake of staying in par with trend.

2. Borrow from friends, family or the local library. 

The best way to start a reading habit is to go old school – BORROW ! This will create a habit of “must read” as borrowing means to set a deadline, where you are obliged to complete a book by the set of dates to avoid feeling remorse, subsequently. This will also provide an opportunity to read as many books – from ancient to modern works in the genre of your preference, all for free. 

3.  Read it anytime and anywhere. 

As the saying goes, to make it a habit – you are required to practice it for 21 days. So spend all the free time you have between activities to read.  If you have a doctor’s appointment, show up early to read a page or two, even more. If you are standing in a long line while shopping or purchasing movie tickets, read few more pages. Read while you are in an elevator if you are an introvert that hates awkward chats. All the little practices will definitely turn into a habit that will forever be a treasure.

That is pretty much what I have been advising to my friends and family who are interested in creating a good reading lifestyle. It is not a tough task to accomplished and if there’s a will to read, there will be ways to do it.

Your Turn

Are you happy with how much you read ? What advice would you give someone who wants to know how to create a good reading lifestyle? Share your tip in a comment below!

Fun fairs are for grown ups. 

I have not been to many funfairs in my life – but thinking about it gets me overwhelming. It feels like a lost child being placed in her dream world ; running after her cotton candy.I honestly think fun fair resembles the world of fantasy – walk in as an adult, only to come out as a child. All the worries of the real world dissolves in the ambience of nothing but innocent laughing voices of children enjoying every bits of their moment in there . As you get on the ferris wheel, you realize all the little things are the real meaning of happiness ; doesn’t matter how little or more extravagant it is, the ride itself is always exhilarating. Have you ride on the unicorns? Moving round around the tinsel town ; revisiting the same spot couples of times yet hoping to pass the spot, again . I can never resist the Waltzer – a bumpy journey of ups and downs parallel to reality but a fun version of it. And how can I miss out the side shops? The adventuresome but rewarding games which literally triggers the Einstein inside of you. Not being biased, but my favorite will always be the floating ducks. You’ll be given 10 rings and based on the number of rings you managed to throw on the ducks and the points you received, you’ll get a prize. Honestly, I always aim for the teddies ; only to receive a key chain in return. Nevertheless, I think fun fairs are essential for grown ups ; living in a world filled with rat races, you just have to get lost in your childhood and relive the impeachable moments again.  

Favourite Girl. 

I remember the first day I held her in my hand – it was crazy and I was happy. Here’s the truth ; I’ve always wanted a baby sister because I was hell tired of dolls. And she was a dream come true. I know I sound sissy but being a 7 year old kid stuck between 2 brothers, life can turn a little more rough. 20 years passed and here I am now, with the same thought – she’s nothing but a doll. See, I’m a proud sister because my baby sister has grown to become a beautiful young lady ;a perfect blend of inner and outer beauty, no doubt. There are times when she can be a pain in the ass – but the good thing is, she’s my pain in the ass. And the fact that she’s brutally honest has made me realize how simple it is to have a tongue made of sword and how easy it is to feel free, with nothing hidden inside of you. I’ve learned how to be courageous & brave-hearted. She taught me age is just a number if you’re ready to face the obstacles. I truly believe, one day, my sister will rule the world. She’d be sharing the same stage with Michelle Obama & Malala Yousafzai. And I’ll be the proudest. 

The Carnivora. 

She’s a warrior,

she’s a survivor, 

she’s strong and emotional,

she’s a crazy gauche,

her soul is a fierce lioness,

loyalty runs in her vein,

and love pumps her heart, 

she’s an epitome of stoicism,

but don’t you ever dare,

to provoke her wild side, 

for when she attacks,

she will rip you apart, 

and you’ll be left with nothing,

nothing of which you’ll be proud.

A Letter to the Broken Shadow. 

You’re not their home. 

You’re just a stop, along the journey. 

You don’t deserve this. 

You’re a whole destination. 

Put that in your mind. 

I know it’s going to be painful, 

but what is the goodness does it bring you? 

What good is there in staying in a place,

if its going to break you into thousand pieces? 

What’s your love to them?


You can no longer trust them.

So, leave. 

Pack your bags. Leave your heart.

Leave your heart behind.

And run away. From everything. 

From the one you love. 

from the one who breaks you.

the one who’s hurting you, deeply. 

People change, love. 

They’ve changed, too. 

So leave. Go on your own adventure.

Bid goodbye to this fake world. 

And embrace the cosmos. 

That is where you belong.