Physical Disability Is No Barrier To Success.

My inspiration comes from people who lives a very simple every day life ; Ordinary people with extra-ordinary stories to share. Some are so strong that nothing can ever cut their path short – not even physical ability. This time, I am going to share a story about a man who is not only strong-willed but also determined to be successful despite of his physical condition. After reading through his story, I realize that each one of use are blessed with an ability, beyond the naked eye. Sometimes its in your mind and sometimes its in your spirit.

The person I am referring to here is KHAIRUL NIZAM, the founder of JAMU MALL. Khairul Nizam is one of the many successful entrepreneurs in our country – and what makes him special is the limitation on his physical functioning. At the age of 30, he managed to build an empire that allows him to live a life that is sufficient to support not only himself but his family too.

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To know more about Khairul Nizam, you may read his struggles in his own words :

Diusia 30 .. dgn keadaan cacat .. aku betsyukur dgn kehidupan .. aku berjaya membina satu syarikat jamumall sdn bhd , dan membina platform jualan .., aku happy mampu beli ape ku nak , mampu makan yg mewah , mampu travel ke dubai , korea , japan, australia dan byk negara aku dan sampai.. yg paling best aku dpt sediakan rumah meeah utk keluarga , tanggung family dan bersedekah setiap hari …



Bukan nak riak … tapi aku tau ramai sebenarnye org diluar sane nak jadi mcm aku , nak byk duit mcm aku , nk bahagiakan family mereka mcm aku .. tapiii adakah mereka sekuat aku??


kehidupan aku dulu tak mcm ni. Bayangkan anda di dalam jasad aku.. makan perlu disuap , mandi perlu diuruskan , duduk perlu diangkat , dan tidor perlu dijaga , bukan mudah untuk aku meneruskan kehidupan seharian .


Aku menanggung kehidupan ini bukan sehari , bukan tiga hari , bukan seminggu , bukan sebulan tetapi bertahun tahun !!! Ade ketika saya rasa sangat terkesan bile ade ketika bile sy haus , lapar , penat , takde org disisi .. tapi takkan aku nak mengharapkan mati??? Allah beri aku nyawa , nafas , sedikit kekuatan jari dan akal mesti ade sesuatu manfaat yg nak aku buat ..


Aku cube merenung dan mengimbas kehidupan ramai org diluar .. kalaulah aku di beri tubuh fizikal sempurna , boleh berjalan , berlari , melompat pasti akan aku gunakan sehabis baik untuk beri manfaat pada org lain …
Aku melihat ramai yg malas untuk ubah hidup sendiri  , ramai yg suke bg bermacam alasan bile bekerja, ramai yg cepat giveup bile ade cabaran !!
Ramai cube memilih untuk kerja senang , taknak susah , lebih memilih kehidupan susah tanpa usaha dengan kuat , sanggup berhenti kerja dan mengangur bertahun2 atas dasar ego boleh bergerak sendiri dan sanggup melihat keluarga dan org sekeliling susah, Paling terkesan nak bg duit mak dan ayah, family pun tak mampu … Aku sedih !!! Terdetik keinginan aku untuk bantu mereka …
Jadi aku bangkit!!! Aku cuba buktikan pada masyarakat the best kehidupan adalah atas dasar bersyukur .. bersyukur dengan nikmat yg allah beri dan jangan sia2 kan , aku bangkit untuk beri manfaat pada org lain . Aku nak satu dunia nampak hanya 3 jari dan satu akal aku dpt melihat kegembiraan , senyuman ramai org2 disekeliling aku ..
Kini aku sedar .. untuk berjaya dlm kehidupan , pekerjaan , mahupun bisnes bukan mudah . Tetapi atas keinginan yg kuat , kasih syg yg hebat , keberanian yg tinggi , suka berlajar dan improve diri , dan juga seorang yg berkomitmen tinggi membawa aku ketahap sekarang .. Dan semua value yg ade dlm diri aku akan aku bawakan kedalam semua team aku dan masyarakat untuk mereka bangkit , bersemangat , dan berjaya !!
Akhir kata … kalau aku ada 3 jari dan akal mampu membina kehidupan sendiri dan kebahagiaan org sekeliling .. anda ade berapa jari untuk ubah kehidupan?? Usia semakin meningkat, jangan tunggu lagi.. kite je mampu ubah diri kita!!

Inspiring wasn’t it? I am truly inspired and decided to follow him. Check out his pages below :

The Iron Fairies, KL

Hello, pretty Iron Fairies.

Living in a big city like Kuala Lumpur sometimes can be quite stressful and given the fact that we are all busy in our endless rat race, it is apt to take some time off to unwind, either with yourself or with your friends. Personally, I have a list of go to places that I’ll need to visit to recharge my energy but I am always on boat in search of eccentric, and unique places to visit. Just as such, recently I found a place that not only caught my attention but left me in total awe. This is a beautiful bar located at TREC.

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Entrance to Iron Fairies. 

I am being a big fan of fairy tales – this was like a dream come true for me. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by really friendly staffs who guided towards my table – and the first thing I noticed was the ambience. It felt almost like I was walking into a ship – and the low dimmed light was the main attraction in here, at least for me, giving a very mysterious vibes to it.  What I really love about this place, is the Jazz music which was nothing but only calming. If you have been to “TREC” , then I am sure you know how loud it is – but in the Iron Fairies, you will be greeted with soothing to the ears kind of music.


image2 (21).jpeg
The Bar area with exclusive collection of liquors. 

A little background on this bar – this is a franchise brand owned by Ashley Sutton and apart of Malaysia, there are 3 other branches in the world ; Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong. What makes this bar stood above the rest is the mystical atmosphere and the interior that consist of iron, timber and leather. One of the eclectic characteristic of this bar is that it lives up to its name – where it gives the guests a feel of being in a set of fairy tale movies, something that you will not be able to find on daily basis. One of my favourites are the brass fairies placed on the table. There are many different fairies with different expression and body position – and its quite fascinating for me while going through it.

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The warning card was quite creative too !


Food, Cocktails and all that matters. 

It’s get to the part that really matters – the MENU! To be honest, if you are someone who is not able to make your decision based on the menu – this will be a tough task for you. This is because Iron Fairies offer a wide range of drinks ; from the signatures to the classics, beers and the non alcoholic drink list is ready to baffle your mind. I went for the save choice and selected one of their signature cocktails – 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙶𝚁𝙴𝙴𝙽 𝙵𝙰𝙸𝚁𝚈. 

This cocktail is strong and punchy mainly because the “Absinthe” that is added into the drink. Apart of that the kick ingredient, this drink also a well balanced mixture of 6 spirit drink with vermouth, blue curacao and passionfruit. This was the only drink I had on that night but I was totally tipsy by the end of it – so it is a BIG THUMBS UP from my end, and it gets into my “Go To” drinks list. As for the food, I opted for something special that I believe can be found only at this bar hence the winner is ” Chicken for Chloe”. 


This is a homemade burger comprises of tender chicken thigh with the special chili sauce – topped up with vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and Gherkin. And BBQ mayo sauce to add more flavor to the dish. I do like the burger and find it suitable for my preference in keeping what I eat really simple yet tasty. And the price, RM 30 seems quite reasonable to me as you are also given generous quantity of fries as the side.

This is the part where I go…oooh.

After a pleasant session of good food and punchy drink accompanied by live band, I decided to explore this place,  so I ventured into the other floors accompanied by one their friendly waiter. So, here is the thing, Iron Fairies has 2 stairs that leads to the top floor – a spiral one situated right in the middle of the bar and the normal stairs at the outer portion, so ladies, if you are wearing skirt like I did, I would suggest you to use the stairs outside.

Back to my experience, I went to the first floor and I immediately fell in love. If you think the ground floor is mysterious enough – wait till you see the first floor. It is so beautiful that I refuse to step out of the place without admiring every inch of it. The red color light makes the ambience even more magical, and to be able to watch the DJ / live band perform is the cherry on the cake.

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But out of all, my favourite will definitely be the “Butterfly room“. The ambience gives you a feel of being in a secret casino – lack of better word. Without hundreds of butterflies hanging from the ceiling – there is more of a royal touch to this room apart of the mystical vibes.One thing is for sure, I am definitely going to book a table here for my next visit to The Iron Fairies.

image1 (34).jpeg

My experience here was one of a kind – and since then I’ve been suggesting this place to my family and friends. There is no doubt that I will definitely visit this place again – and guess what? It got into my “Go To” place list as well~ To know more about this place, you can refer to the information below :

Address :

Hive, TREC, 438 Jalan Tun Razak H-G-06, 43000 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Open Hours : 

5 PM to 5 AM

Like them on Facebook: