Taste by Champignons – Eko Mall, Cheras

What do you think about visiting a restaurant with a fine dining ambiance but easy on your wallet? Imagine having “la viande” with a glass of red wine and beautiful soft jazz music playing – classy isn’t it? Now, that is something you can do over this weekend.

On 5th May, I was invited to attend the grand opening of “The Taste and The Champignon Cake Shop”  at Eko Cheras, a mall located 20 minutes away from heart of the city. The name is sufficient to give you an idea of the restaurant’s concept ; and I honestly believed it was another fine dining place with great food however to my surprise, it was just the latter.

The Champignons Cake Shop is the new venture of Chef Gary Chang and Pastry Chef Kingsley Kwoh – both prominent names that is well known for their establishments in fine dining industry. Nevertheless, their aim is to create a fine dining experience available for everyone to try – as it is acknowledged, fine dining caters to an upscale clientele and provides the highest quality of food. And to acquire excellent food and services, one must shed a lot from their wallets ; however that is not the case when it comes to “The Taste”. This place never short off the ambiance of a fine dining restaurant but the price is quite reasonable – ranging between RM 10 to RM 40.


Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

“A place to relax and hangout with friends and family over good food, coffee, cakes & wines” – Chef Gary

The Ambience. 

I am an ambience person – if that is a word. Long story short, I admire the place more than the food but I think most of us are like that because a eating place with a calm, peaceful ambiance can always boost your mood, allowing you to enjoy the food. I cannot say that it was peaceful on the grand opening day so my reference is to the interior design of the restaurant. I really loved the simplistic design of the restaurant – specially the wine arrangement on the wall. The glorious design sits on the wall, on your right from the entrance – something that couldn’t just escape your sight at a glance.

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The restaurant has a open area – which is not usual for fine dining premises where most are covered with tinted glasses hence this give a friendlier approach to diners who wants to try something new – moreover it is a positive ambience when it has open spaces specially for them who prefers breath of a fresh air – I really love the concept because it implements their value to reach out to everyone ; not focusing only on a specific group.

The Pastries. 

I do not have sweet tooth but nevertheless, I love trying out different desserts and pastries – guessing the ingredients and what not. It is always one of the many things I look forward to, apart of the pastry / dessert itself. I got to experience 3 of the finest pastries – and IT WAS ONE OF THE BEST ONES I EVER TASTED. My favorite was definitely the Blueberry Tart – the butter in sync with the sourness of the blueberries gave a fusion of taste, inviting for more bites – I couldn’t stop myself from savoring this particular pastry.

Verdict :

SIMPLICITY! That’s the first thing that comes in my mind. From the ambience, to the menu and the price – everything remains minimal. Nothing is exaggerated – except for the beautifully designed pastries that makes it almost difficult to be eaten. If you are looking for a dinner date or family outing and maybe friends catch up session – you should head over to their place. Experience it for yourself and you might find yourself returning over and over again for the PASTRIES and the excellent FOOD!

Address :

Taste by Champignons, EkoCheras Mall
Address: Lot G31, Ground Floor, EkoCheras Mall,
No 693, Batu 5, Jalan Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur
Hours ; Daily, 10 a.m – 10 p.m
Contact : 0391349288




D15 Nights by Dewar’s – feat Yellow Claw.


If  you read my blog posts than you should know that I am someone who don’t really enjoy parties but that doesn’t mean I am complete “killjoy” person. I attend parties as such when I am curious about what happens in there – most of the time I end up attending only one time because I’d rather spend my weekends under my blankets reading my books. Just as such, I came across an invitation to attend “D15 Nights by Dewar’s“. If you are someone who understands Hindi then you would have giggled, because Dewar means brother-in-law, but no I wasn’t talking about that.

Dewar’s is a brand of blended Scotch whisky owned by Bacardi, who is also known for its “White Label” which said to be the top selling blended scotch in US. Well, I knew that part but I wasn’t sure about what is “D15 Nights“. I did some researched and found out that it was mainly focusing on Dewar’s 15-Year-Old – which was in fact the reason I decided to attend the party plus I got a chance to GIVEAWAY 2 pairs of tickets to my followers – how much better can it get ?


This event took place at The Fuze Club, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur – away from the main party spots in this city which adds on to the uniqueness of it. It was quite an exquisite affair and was totally blown away by the first look of it. It was Black and Gold – two of my favorite colors. The setup was indeed extravagant and totally impressive – not failing to give you the feel of being in a high class cocktail party.


My favorite part was the games section – they had 3 games available for them who attended the event to spend their time having some fun before heading inside for the real party time. Party-goers were welcomed with 3 drinks to choose from : Dewar’s HighBall (Soda Water), Dewar’s Highball (Ginger Ale) and Dewar’s On The Rocks. I went for Dewar’s Highball with Ginger Ale, because that is more of my thing while my friend opted for Dewar’s On The Rocks ; Fun Fact – I tried both and will still stay with the first.

Dewar’s HighBall ( Ginger Ale )

Now, lets get to the main part – YELLOW CLAW performance! Do I have words for it ? I need to create one for sure but for now, let me shout out loud – it was MAGNIFICENT! I enjoyed every bit of the show – which includes the before, during and after the performance. For those of you don’t know who that be ; Yellow Claw is Dutch DJ and record production duo from Amsterdam consisting of Jim Aasgier (born Jim Taihuttu) and Nizzle (born Nils Rondhuis). Two of their most viewed songs on Youtube is “Shotgun” and “Till it Hurts”. Now, watching them spinning live on stage is indeed a memorable moment because its not everyday that you get such opportunity. Dewar’s is quite apt with the theme provided #doubleisbetter is indeed!

Thank you Dewar’s for this amazing experience and looking forward to the other installations of Dewar’s D15 Nights.

Till Then, **Toodles*.

Boon4 – On The Way E-delivery Platform.

Have you ever come across a situation where you need to get some things to be delivered immediately – but again there is no option available? Long ago, we only depend on courier services to send our item and the fastest was Poslaju – taking as quick as 1 day to get the items delivered. 1 DAY, well 24 hours can seem to be quite a long time if your level of urgency is high. Fortunately, now you have a solution to this and it is BOON4.

Recently I attended BOON4 application launch, that took place in Bangsar South. To be honest, I was unaware of this service till this event where I learned a handful information on the services. So, I thought I should write a blog to share all that I have obtained during the event and the Q&A session – so sit back, and read through for some amazing fact on BOON4.

What is BOON4 ?

If you don’t know, Boon4 is actually the first ever Malaysian company that helps to connect drivers on the road with the person who wants to send an item and it was founded in 2017 by K.S Soon. On the other word, it is an on the way e-delivery platform. I personally like the concept, where a particular driver who is driving to his destination will be selected if his en route matches with the location that sender wants to send the item. Precisely, the driver helps to deliver the item without the need to change his destination – so it is a win win situation given the driver will be paid for granting the boon for the sender. Well I dropped the hint and you guessed it right ; that’s how Boon4 got its name.

Why BOON4 ?

As a consumer, it is wise for us to compare and contrast different brands and services. And the comparison does not end at the price, or the design but also many other factors that could affect in the long run or immediately. The concept is the main factor here ; in current market it is common to find services such as booking drivers to specifically send an item to a specific place, but this will only increase the cost. BOON4 practices are concept that only easy on the pocket but also time-valuing ; drivers are selected based on their end location – mean if the location where the product needs to be sent to is on the way, then they will be the perfect match to carry this out. Since this does not require the driver to allocate a special time to precisely complete this task – the amount to be paid is lesser compared to many other prominent service of such.

 3 factors of BOON4.

Another aspect of BOON4 that is attractive is their focus on 3 main factors – “Safe, Fast, Save Money”.

Safe : It is normal for customer to demand for the best and safest service when it comes to their precious items. Boon4 assures a higher moving quality hence you will not need to worry about missing, or damage product being unattended. Moreover they offer insurance up till RM200 for selected items. . Apart of that, the delivery will start from the sender’s doorstep to the recipient’s doorstep. This means there will not be any particular point that requires either sender or recipient to travel , in order to send or receive the parcel. In addition to that, they also accept items that are difficult to be handled without any extra charge for the packaging. Talk about convenient there!

Fast : This era requires everything to be done in high speed – from Internet to train, hence it is not over the board to request for a high speed delivery as well. We still appreciate our current courier services – and it is totally reliable but when it comes to requiring a service that needs to be done in 24 hours – then there should be an alternative that we can turn to anytime. BOON4 promises same day delivery – hence the product will be picked up on the same day from the sender and will be delivered on the same day to the recipient. Since this is being done on the application, sender is able to track the item plus they get to live chat with the driver. This proves how well they have structured the system to ensure convenience to both sender and driver.

Cheap : Some services offer fast and safe delivery for the parcels, however they increase the price – hence customers usually pay more than they should because in many cases, they are left with no other choices. As for BOON4,  I would definitely confirm that it is indeed reasonable. How do I know? Well, I tried it out. I wanted to send my crystal bracelets to my sister who is living in Taman Shamelin Perkasa, which was 22km from my place in Bangsar South , and it was only RM10! Unbelievable right? It was totally a surprise for myself too – provided not only I manage to save my time but also go easy on my purse. Checkout the screenshot below : 



Nevertheless, I believe that BOON4 is the real game changer when it comes to services as such provided they are able to fulfill customer’s requirement without lagging behind the other companies that are striving in the same sector. Relatively, I am a first time customer who is satisfied with the service that I receive and without any doubt, will opt for their services again, when it’s needed in future. First of all, I am impressed with their easy yet detail application – which as a very straightforward interface. It took me about 5 minutes to get the whole process done.

  • Application : 8/10
  • Interface : 9/10
  • Price : 10/10
  • Safe : 9/10
  • Delivery time : 9/10

Use code “BOON4SHAWRMINT” to avail 10% off your first order.

You can opt to download from the links below :

iOS : https://itunes.apple.com/my/app/boon4/id1296128580?mt=8

Android : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sender.boon4






Spectrum of Heartache

I sat in the room filled with ugly thoughts,

I repeatedly toss it off, as mere illusion,

nothing I did could stop it,

it was a cruel haunting on loop ;

I could feel the coldness of this space,

like I was in a freezer – blood shunting,

I trace the goose bumps on my skin.

my heart pounding harder by seconds,

as I fight hard for a breath of air,

I heard a deafening thump from top ;

in the blind darkness of the room,

three stroke of light sneaks in,

slow forming a shadow on the wall,

plain, deformed black silhouette,

luxurious locks, weaken red fingers.

green thickset, round-shouldered figure,

subtle blue aura, filed with emotions ;

she is a spectrum of heartaches.

The Iron Fairies, KL

Hello, pretty Iron Fairies.

Living in a big city like Kuala Lumpur sometimes can be quite stressful and given the fact that we are all busy in our endless rat race, it is apt to take some time off to unwind, either with yourself or with your friends. Personally, I have a list of go to places that I’ll need to visit to recharge my energy but I am always on boat in search of eccentric, and unique places to visit. Just as such, recently I found a place that not only caught my attention but left me in total awe. This is a beautiful bar located at TREC.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset
Entrance to Iron Fairies. 

I am being a big fan of fairy tales – this was like a dream come true for me. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by really friendly staffs who guided towards my table – and the first thing I noticed was the ambience. It felt almost like I was walking into a ship – and the low dimmed light was the main attraction in here, at least for me, giving a very mysterious vibes to it.  What I really love about this place, is the Jazz music which was nothing but only calming. If you have been to “TREC” , then I am sure you know how loud it is – but in the Iron Fairies, you will be greeted with soothing to the ears kind of music.


image2 (21).jpeg
The Bar area with exclusive collection of liquors. 

A little background on this bar – this is a franchise brand owned by Ashley Sutton and apart of Malaysia, there are 3 other branches in the world ; Tokyo, Bangkok and Hong Kong. What makes this bar stood above the rest is the mystical atmosphere and the interior that consist of iron, timber and leather. One of the eclectic characteristic of this bar is that it lives up to its name – where it gives the guests a feel of being in a set of fairy tale movies, something that you will not be able to find on daily basis. One of my favourites are the brass fairies placed on the table. There are many different fairies with different expression and body position – and its quite fascinating for me while going through it.

image1 (31).jpeg

The warning card was quite creative too !


Food, Cocktails and all that matters. 

It’s get to the part that really matters – the MENU! To be honest, if you are someone who is not able to make your decision based on the menu – this will be a tough task for you. This is because Iron Fairies offer a wide range of drinks ; from the signatures to the classics, beers and the non alcoholic drink list is ready to baffle your mind. I went for the save choice and selected one of their signature cocktails – 𝚃𝙷𝙴 𝙶𝚁𝙴𝙴𝙽 𝙵𝙰𝙸𝚁𝚈. 

This cocktail is strong and punchy mainly because the “Absinthe” that is added into the drink. Apart of that the kick ingredient, this drink also a well balanced mixture of 6 spirit drink with vermouth, blue curacao and passionfruit. This was the only drink I had on that night but I was totally tipsy by the end of it – so it is a BIG THUMBS UP from my end, and it gets into my “Go To” drinks list. As for the food, I opted for something special that I believe can be found only at this bar hence the winner is ” Chicken for Chloe”. 


This is a homemade burger comprises of tender chicken thigh with the special chili sauce – topped up with vegetables such as lettuce, tomato and Gherkin. And BBQ mayo sauce to add more flavor to the dish. I do like the burger and find it suitable for my preference in keeping what I eat really simple yet tasty. And the price, RM 30 seems quite reasonable to me as you are also given generous quantity of fries as the side.

This is the part where I go…oooh.

After a pleasant session of good food and punchy drink accompanied by live band, I decided to explore this place,  so I ventured into the other floors accompanied by one their friendly waiter. So, here is the thing, Iron Fairies has 2 stairs that leads to the top floor – a spiral one situated right in the middle of the bar and the normal stairs at the outer portion, so ladies, if you are wearing skirt like I did, I would suggest you to use the stairs outside.

Back to my experience, I went to the first floor and I immediately fell in love. If you think the ground floor is mysterious enough – wait till you see the first floor. It is so beautiful that I refuse to step out of the place without admiring every inch of it. The red color light makes the ambience even more magical, and to be able to watch the DJ / live band perform is the cherry on the cake.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

But out of all, my favourite will definitely be the “Butterfly room“. The ambience gives you a feel of being in a secret casino – lack of better word. Without hundreds of butterflies hanging from the ceiling – there is more of a royal touch to this room apart of the mystical vibes.One thing is for sure, I am definitely going to book a table here for my next visit to The Iron Fairies.

image1 (34).jpeg

My experience here was one of a kind – and since then I’ve been suggesting this place to my family and friends. There is no doubt that I will definitely visit this place again – and guess what? It got into my “Go To” place list as well~ To know more about this place, you can refer to the information below :

Address :

Hive, TREC, 438 Jalan Tun Razak H-G-06, 43000 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

Open Hours : 

5 PM to 5 AM

Like them on Facebook: 






Be The Best You on V Day


Self care is important. You need to take care the well being of your mental and physical health. Apart of that, it is important to take care the well being of our most intimate part, vagina. Lactacyd, the No.1 feminine wash in South East Asia has recently launched a campaign that mainly focus on women – of all categories in life, from all age group. The campaign is named as “Be The Best You on V Day” which is to help out women in the process of taking important decision that is closely related to their wellness.

V-Day Tea Party by Lactacyd



On 12th February 2019, Lactacyd Malaysia held a Valentine’s Day Tea Party at Greenhouse by Muir and generously invited many beautiful ladies from different backgrounds ; bloggers, influencers, media person etc. The purpose of this event is to talk on matters that is essential to a woman which includes self care and grooming – particularly, our intimate part which is our vagina.

The event highlights the fact that loving yourself first is actually the best love you are able to give anyone.

The event started with a speech from the Marketing Director for Lactacyd Malaysia, Ms. Maynart Messomonta (Palm), explains that the brand strongly believe in empowering women to give adequate essentiality on self care by starting from taking good care of their feminine hygiene. “We believe that true confidence comes from within because when you are confident, you can take over the world and Lactacyd is there for you to achieve this”, Palm explains further in her own words. In regards to that, she also adds that she believe this campaign is able to guide customer to pay more attention to vaginal care and be able to enjoy the products that is being offered by Lactacyd which covers the important aspects such as cleanliness, freshness and most importantly is providing the comfort that us will boost every woman’s confidence.


It was then followed by healthcare discussion on feminine hygiene, by three wonderful and beautiful ladies which also includes Ms. Maynart Messomonta (Palm). The two other involved is the prominent Datuk Dr. Nor Ashikin Mokhtar who is a panel doctor specialized in obstetrics and gynaecology from Primanora Medical Centre and Weena Marcus, Miss Tourism Malaysia 2009/2010, who is also a beauty lifestyle influencer. This session and the whole event, was emceed by the very gorgeous and talented Juanita Ramayah who was the former HITZ radio host and current TV host.


They have done a great job by discussing the ways one can love and embrace themselves by taking care the personal hygiene and also emphasizing the importance of PH balance for a healthy vagina. Surprising but true, I have also learnt through the forum that many women do not actually spend money on purchasing personal care products apart of the essential sanitary napkins. This is only taken note of or paid more attention to when an infection occurs.

This was indeed a fruitful day for all the guests, as they were not only provided a good hi tea session with an informative health care session but they are also treated with the opportunity to create their own “Loving Me Basket”. I for instance, never had any experience in flower arrangement hence this was a very sweet experience for me. Seasoned florists from “The Florest” guided the guests step by step on the process of creating their own flower basket from the pretty flowers provided, to be accompanied by Lactacyd product.

My “Loving Me Basket”

This was really amazing as we were given the freedom to create the basket as how we want it to be but with guidance from the florists, who were around to help us with a big smile on their face. We were then told that we can take the flower baskets home – which I believe is a very kind gesture as looking at the hard work will always cultivated positivity within ourselves.

The event concluded with a group photo with Lactacyd’s key management personnel and guests that was invited to this amazing event. For your information, “Be The Best You on V Day” campaign will go on throughout February 2019.



  • Feminine Hygiene : This gives your V natural care and protection during your menstruation with a balanced pH level, all-day long.
  • All Day Fresh : If you are a person who loves adventure and sports, then indulge in herbal essences and long-lasting freshness for all-day play with 24-hour odour shield technology.
  • Soft & Silky : Contains milk-based moisturizing ingredients to give you smooth and silky treat for grooming aftercare.
  • White Intimate : Go for natural way to Intimate fairness and welcome a day of romance and glamour. Use two times a day for fairer skin in 4 weeks*
*Based on product use test on 200 Asian women, Synovate-Ipsos, Sept-Oct 2011. 


For more information on the Lactacyd’s products and benefits, please visit : 


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lactacydloveyourv/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/lactacydloveyourv

Lacer Dental Care

Dental health is one of the most important aspects in our daily hygiene. Finding for the correct toothpaste can be quite a hassle given the condition of our teeth is something we will not be able to determined – it takes time to understand the level of your oral hygiene which pretty much impacted by our lifestyle. What is “Oral Hygiene” you may ask ; this is a practice of ensuring the cleanliness of one’s mouth and also to avoid complications such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontists and other oral related disorders. Practicing a good oral hygiene also plays an essential factor to prevent bad breath.

Sensitive Teeth. 

I’ve spent good years of my life taking care of my oral hygiene but it was not “good” enough, hence resulted in my sensitive teeth condition. How do you know if you have sensitive teeth? Think about that time you drank hot or cold drink and you felt a very sharp pain in your teeth? Well, that is the cue. Sometimes, having sweet or sour dish can also result in the same sensation. This means you will need to seek a Dentist to know the reason and how you can prevent it. Lucky for me, I found a solution that works really well!

Sensi Lacer – Toothgel 

The first product that I have been trying is Sensi Lacer – Toothgel , and you might wonder what is the difference between gel and paste? Well, apart of the appearance, neither is actually better than the other. The high amount of silica in a toothgel is the main contributor to it’s clear and gel like appearance. I was curious from the moment I receive the toothgel and began to try it from the next day – and I’ll never regret my choice.

What I like about this product : 

  • It has a very minimalistic color choices – white and orange for the box.
  • It has 3 different languages on the packaging – and detailed information.
  • It comes in 75 ml , which means travel friendly
  • The smell of the gel is very mild – unlike the commercial toothpastes.
  • The instruction is available on the packaging – and quite straight forward.

How to use : 

  1. Apply a good amount on your soft-bristled brush.
  2. Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to the gums.
  3. Gently move the brush back and forth in short strokes.
  4. Brush all the surfaces, not missing the inner and outer part, most importantly do not miss the chewing surfaces of the teeth.
  5. Be sure to tilt the brush vertically, in order to clean the inside surfaces of your front teeth, and make several up-and-down strokes – for a total clean teeth.

image2 (19)

Perio Lacer – BioAdhesive Gel 

If you are someone who often suffer from ulcers, you definitely know how horrible the pain can be. It can reach to a point where it affects your daily lifestyle. Although we take care of our oral health really well, sometimes it can never be enough. For this, you can try Perio Lacer – BioAdhesive Gel. What is BioAdhesive toothgel you may ask, well in the simplest explanation – it assist in the process of removing plaque structure. Plaque is a sticky deposit that exist in your teeth due to foods that contains carbohydrate is left in the teeth. This eventually destroys the teeth enamel that can result in the decaying of the tooth.  

What I like about this product :  

  • It has a very minimalistic color choices – white, red and blue for the box.
  • It has 3 different languages on the packaging – and detailed information.
  • It comes in 50 ml , another travel friendly product.
  • The smell of the gel is very subtle- almost like “Bonjela”
  • Clear gel appearance – hence you can see where you are applying it.
  • The instruction is available on the packaging – and quite easy to understand.

How to use : 

  1. After using the toothgel, you can immediately apply this to the affected tooth.
  2. Squeeze some on your soft brush or on your clean finger.
  3. Massage gently on your tooth with your fingertips – to ensure a thorough absorption of the gel onto tooth.
  4. Leave it to dry – there is no need to rinse it.

image1 (28)



Prior to trying this, I have tried multiple toothpastes and toothgel that will soothe the sensation I feel every now and then due to my sensitive teeth issue. There are times, certain toothpastes worsen the pain and causes pus to grow on the surface of my gum which eventually resulting in trying to stick to only one brand. When I started trying this, I was quite afraid because I don’t want to relive the terror of living through an aching tooth or gum over again. After trying for a week, I was quite relieved that no ulcer or pus situation happened, in fact my gum bleeding reduce visibly. As for the Bioadhesive Gel, I’ve added that into my oral hygiene routine apart of brushing, flossing and gargling, and till date, I am quite impressed with the result. In addition, I offered my friend who is suffering from ulcer , and this Gel actually helps to reduce ulcer pain after few minutes of applying it onto the area, leaving a cooling sensation instead.

I would definitely recommend this to all of you with sensitive teeth.




                     PerioLacer Bioadhesive Gel 50ml

                                             RM 37.50


                              SensiLacer Toothgel 75ml

                                             RM 31.50


Why prioritizing yourself is important ?

Social connection or rather relationship is an essential part of our existence and certainly something we will not be able to avoid. It is fair enough to give some time to build a relationship that you share with your family, and friends but the core point to remember is, you are still an individual. To discover yourself is a big challenge, so it is important for you to focus on yourself first before you turn your focus on others.

  1. You will learn to find comfort in solitude. 

Socializing can be a fun thing to do, all the chit chats and laughter can boost your mood, and make you feel better about yourself. Also having friends, makes you feel important and cared but it is wise to understand that external factors will fade away with time hence it is important to feel genuine contentment from within you. It is important for you to take some time off, prioritize yourself and learn about yourself in depth. This means, at times you will need to take a break from your busy lifestyle and spend a good quality of time on yourself ; paying attention to little details of your likes and dislikes, spending time doing things that makes you happy. When you are truly comfortable and happy in your own solitary, you will eventually become a happy person in any situation.

2.  You will get more things figured.

It is no surprise that family or friends can impact our decision making skills. This happens as we are open with emotions with them because we trust them, which eventually making our mind to believe that they know us better than we do hence their advices should be apt for the situation. That is totally the opposite. No one knows yourself better than yourself – in short, you know the answers to your questions. Prioritizing yourself will help you to know what you really want vs what is good for you. Life is all about the choices but there isn’t any rules that you will need to play it safe – all the time. It is okay to take some risk and explore the path unknown. Most of the time, these are the choices that will help you to grow as an individual.

3. You will learn how to protect yourself. 

Making yourself as the most important person in your life, will help the process of removing the negativities in your life, much easier. You will find the need to remove toxic people, things or anything that is hindering your growth as an individual. Taking out everything that is negative in your life will eventually help you to lead a life that is veiled only with positivity. This not only impacts your present but also allows you to reflect on your past ; eventually creating an open space for the decisions that you will take in the future.

4. Grow as a person – spiritually, mentally and physically. 

It is important for you to know that growing as a person isn’t a phase – it is a continual process till your final twitch. And to grow, you will need to learn about yourself in a depth – to understand what you, as an individual, want in life. When you realize your true potential, the choices made then after will only shape you into a wiser person.

Self care is important. And you need to believe it is one of the most essential aspects in your life. Don’t feel guilty to put yourself first ; to give your body and mind what it really need. Or rather want. When you start paying attention to yourself, many impossible things will disentangle – and you will live a peaceful life.

First DPL experience @ Wax Candy


Candy Wax Bar celebrated their third year anniversary on 13th January 2019  and I was invited to share the joy over their success. I, on the other hand is more than honored to be selected to be part of their journey in this sector. Of course, never been able to try their services before; this is quite a favorable opportunity for me, in order to get to know in precise details on the services they offer which includes the price, side effect and etc. Let me share some details about Candy Wax Bar. This prominent wax bar was founded in 2016, with an ideology to provide a healthy and hygienic waxing experiences to their patrons – which is quite apparent if you visit their branch – be it in Taman Desa or Damansara Uptown outlet. They have a very simplistic and clean concept – very open about their products as well. From what I experience, they do know how to take care of their customers.

Candy Wax Bar isn’t only providing waxing services but they also offer DPL services in a very affordable price.


DPL Services 

I am sure you have heard about Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which has been proved to be one of the really good hair removal methods – however the pain that comes with it sometimes can be super unbearable. But technology advances, there is a solution which is completely painless , and quick as well. Sounds like heaven? That is exactly what DPL does. DPL is Dynamic Pulsed Light (a broad-spectrum light source) which helps to remove or reduce the hair growth in the targeted area and can be undertaken by both men and women. Lucky for me, Candy Wax Bar is one of the few places in Malaysia that offers budget friendly DPL services (the price will be provided at the bottom of this page). 

My experience. 

The first time I heard that I will be getting a DPL for my underarm, I was quite nervous. One thing you have to know is that I am not a fan of waxing – and is always dreadful when I need to get my waxing appointment done. I have really low pain tolerance hence why waxing can get quite irritating to my skin. IPL is definitely a big NO in my list for the apparent reason as I have heard about it from many of my friends – making me all uncomfortable, so I never wanted to try it. To be honest, I was really nervous and almost wanted to politely decline their offer – because in my head it is all painful. But then, my blogger friends reassured that the process was quick and almost painless – this was somewhat comforting but it wasn’t enough. Eventually my turn came around and I was greeted by the person in charge ( I am sorry I was too nervous that I completely forgot the name of the sweet lady who did my session 😦 ). 

My first thought – the staffs are really friendly.

I was explained thoroughly on the process and the product that will be used. She also provided me reassurance – but she was really honest while doing it, not at all over doing which made me to trust her. I do understand that they truly care about their customers because they take time to explain each and everything you need to know because as a consumer you should know what is being done to your skin / body and what are the products being used – this is legit.

The Process 

  1.  As my armpit was not hairless, so the staff shaved the hair patches and she did it very smoothly, and gently. The ensured there were no cuts and I was comfortable along the process.
  2. Cooling gel was applied to the surface of my armpit – it was soothingly cold and I believe it helps to numb the area to reduce the pain.
  3. The DPL procedure begins – and ended within 5 mins ~ !
  4. Sensation, yes ! Pain? NOT AT ALL.


I was left stunned after the procedure where it ended quite fast – and was totally painless. Of course there was sensation quite similar to ant bite but it was bearable, almost unnoticeable if it wasn’t for the sound of the DPL machine. I really loved the service provided since I walked into their outlet – I mean they won from the first impression itself. It is also important to ensure that your customers are adequately informed – and they did their part excellently in this matter.

One of the other factor that makes me want to avail their services again is how neat and clean their work stations are !  This proves that hygiene is their priority and that is so essential especially dealing directly with skin needs extra care or else, you’ll end up with many skin issues.

The winning factor here is definitely the price – you can avail DPL service at only RM69 for your underarm ; isn’t that a great investment?


This is where the DPL is done – Picture Courtesy @najatul

Price of the services available at Wax Candy

Address : 

(Taman Desa Outlet)
Lot 115A First Floor, Podium Block,
Faber Towers, Jalan Desa Bahagia, 
Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
T / +603 7971 9999 / +603 7972 1999
(Damansara Uptown Outlet)
67M, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, 47400 
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T / +603 7722 5277

Lennox Inner D’tox – Comprehensive Inner Body Cleansing.

Health is wealth – a very popular phrase to emphasize the importance of health to live a prosperous life. We are aware of this and many of us do our best to stay healthy, but the question is are we really doing our best ? It’s not a lie when I say that we live around food temptation – and Malaysia has always been regarded as a food heaven and well I am a foodie, so eating healthy is not really easy thing to do. However, I made sure that I am constantly detoxing my body – workout, vegetarian diet and fruit fasts but sometimes it can be a little hassle specially if you are working full time. However, I have found the perfect solution to a quick detox – Lennox Inner D’tox. 


Lennox Inner D’tox

Lennox Inner D’tox is a 7 days formulated herbal detox that helps to cleanse the body from unwanted toxins through digestive system, liver, lymph, and urinary tract. This detox comes in 4 different categories which is : Diet Enzyme, Antioxidant & Probiotics, Waterful Skin and Collagen. I will explain further about these and their functions, so that you know exactly the kind of detoxifying element that your body needs.

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  1. Lennox Inner D’tox  –  Antioxidant and Probiotics 

Antioxidant is a compound that helps to inhibit oxidant that prohibits the growth of other molecules in the body. Antioxidants are mostly found in fresh vegetables ( good kids eat their veggies, remember ? ) and fruits – helping to also neutralize free radicals that is the main culprit of ageing and diseases. While probiotics are live and yeasts are good for your body as they are the good bacterias that helps to keep your gut healthy, which helps strong immune system, brain health and more. This supplement gives double the requirement for your body hence this is something that you need if you consume a lot of processed food, or well, not a fan of green tea.

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      2. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Diet Enzyme 

Protein molecules that works as catalysts is known as enzyme, where is helps to increase the speed of chemical reaction in human body however in the process of doing so, enzyme stays intact. Consuming fruit based enzyme drink is beneficial in many ways specially aiding to improve immune system and lowering cholesterol level.  If you are someone who likes fatty foods, or high cholesterol food eg fried dishes, fast food, then this is something that you will need.

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3. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Collagen 

Collagen exists largely in our body – it is the component that gives structure to our skin, hair,nails ,bones, ligaments, tendons and – allowing us to move freely without limitation. Not only that, Collagen also helps to give our skin the healthy glow, strong nails and shiny hair. However, ageing process slows down the production of collagen – hence supplementing with collagen can assist greatly to increase the body’s collagen level. Hence, this one is suitable for everyone who is going to the stress of ageing process.

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    4. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Waterful Skin 

Our body is made up to 60 % of water, which means this is the most important component to keep our functioning well – in fact, our body depends on water to survive. Our body used H2O to eliminate waste products, to maintain our body and even to lubricate our joint so that we can move freely. Keeping the body hydrated, day to day basis can be a tough thing to given our busy schedules – hence you will need supplements that is able to vital role in this process – hence this one works best for them who needs to detox the body through hydration.

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I am always careful when it comes to putting something inside my body – so I did a little research on this but there is not much reviews out there, which also means a good thing because I will not be blinded by testimonials. I do have my pro’s and con’s and I will be as honest as I can be.

  • I like the packaging – it light, both the sachets and the package it came in. It is also resealable which means you can pretty much place it anywhere – and carry it with you if you are going out of town.
  • The supplement comes in individual sachets – which means easier to throw it in your bag while you are leaving to office – so no hassle of carrying an individual bag for this sole purpose.
  • It is easy to consume – with or without water. You don’t need a shaker to get it dissolved or mix well. All you have to do is to tear the top part and consume it directly in your mouth ( based on your preference ).
  • It dissolves in your mouth after few seconds (this comes under my con’s ), which was a little annoying but I got it dissolve quicker by drinking some water – which later made the powder to have gum like texture ( and almost tasted like green apple Sugus – BUT I am not surprise , because the flavor was Apple Yogurt ).


  1. Lennox Inner D’tox  –  Antioxidant and ProbioticsRM 38.80
  2. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Diet EnzymeRM 32.80 
  3. Lennox Inner D’tox  – CollagenRM 38.80
  4. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Waterful Skin RM 38.80 

These are currently only available at selected Watsons Malaysia outlets, as well as online via https://www.watsons.com.my/ .


*Toodles till next time *