Education is for all ! 

Education is the base of a good life, and it has the capability of changing an uncivilized person into a civilized being. Since the declaration of Human Rights in 1948, everyone deserves to obtain any level of education, with no prominent discrimination, and with a good quality of education.  Education is looked up as  a weaponContinue reading “Education is for all ! “

The cloud of confusions. 

The decisions we take in life are never easy, we all have been there and we all know it. The stress of choosing what we want and what we must have. And often, we choose what we “must” have over what we “want”, because that seems rational, in a good sense. Then we end upContinue reading “The cloud of confusions. “

5 People That I will Never Forget.

  As long as we live, we are prone to meeting new people, and these people often be our friends, or quite common – ENEMIES. *A little flashback*  You met a kid in primary school, you played together, you both get along so well, years past and now he or she is your childhood a.k.a best friendContinue reading “5 People That I will Never Forget.”

In my own “world”.. 

This is neither one of my funny posts, nor a serious one. It’s just something that I would share with the world.  I’m not a person that gets scared easily, neither the one that loses her mind at every bad happenings  nor I ignore it. I pay attention to every details of it, missing nothing,Continue reading “In my own “world”.. “

Running to a Rainbow.. 

New hopes ! New dreams ! – New Year ! Happy New Year !! I can’t believe we’re already on the sixth day of the year, and I feel like time is moving fast. Still not sure if it’s the time, me or just some solar system phenomenon 😛 .  And speaking about New Year,Continue reading “Running to a Rainbow.. “