Taste by Champignons – Eko Mall, Cheras

What do you think about visiting a restaurant with a fine dining ambiance but easy on your wallet? Imagine having “la viande” with a glass of red wine and beautiful soft jazz music playing – classy isn’t it? Now, that is something you can do over this weekend. On 5th May, I was invited toContinue reading “Taste by Champignons – Eko Mall, Cheras”

D15 Nights by Dewar’s – feat Yellow Claw.

If  you read my blog posts than you should know that I am someone who don’t really enjoy parties but that doesn’t mean I am complete “killjoy” person. I attend parties as such when I am curious about what happens in there – most of the time I end up attending only one time becauseContinue reading “D15 Nights by Dewar’s – feat Yellow Claw.”

Boon4 – On The Way E-delivery Platform.

Have you ever come across a situation where you need to get some things to be delivered immediately – but again there is no option available? Long ago, we only depend on courier services to send our item and the fastest was Poslaju – taking as quick as 1 day to get the items delivered.Continue reading “Boon4 – On The Way E-delivery Platform.”

The Iron Fairies, KL

Hello, pretty Iron Fairies. Living in a big city like Kuala Lumpur sometimes can be quite stressful and given the fact that we are all busy in our endless rat race, it is apt to take some time off to unwind, either with yourself or with your friends. Personally, I have a list of goContinue reading “The Iron Fairies, KL”

Why prioritizing yourself is important ?

Social connection or rather relationship is an essential part of our existence and certainly something we will not be able to avoid. It is fair enough to give some time to build a relationship that you share with your family, and friends but the core point to remember is, you are still an individual. ToContinue reading “Why prioritizing yourself is important ?”

First DPL experience @ Wax Candy

Candy Wax Bar celebrated their third year anniversary on 13th January 2019  and I was invited to share the joy over their success. I, on the other hand is more than honored to be selected to be part of their journey in this sector. Of course, never been able to try their services before; thisContinue reading “First DPL experience @ Wax Candy”

Lennox Inner D’tox – Comprehensive Inner Body Cleansing.

Health is wealth – a very popular phrase to emphasize the importance of health to live a prosperous life. We are aware of this and many of us do our best to stay healthy, but the question is are we really doing our best ? It’s not a lie when I say that we liveContinue reading “Lennox Inner D’tox – Comprehensive Inner Body Cleansing.”