Are you the next Nestle Top Spender ?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the top spender of them all?

Welcome back to my blog, you amazing people! I came bearing good news that will definitely excite you, this time around. Did you know Nestle is running a contest at PG MALL to find a top spender? More information available below, so read the blog to know more!

Where do I find PG MALL ?

Let me be crystal clear, PG Mall isn’t a physical shopping mall but it is an online shopping website that allows you to find anything you want at a reasonable price.

This mall was recently named as one of the 3 top e-commerce sites based on iPrice insight report - .

I have recently purchased from over 8 stores in PG Mall and the experience is pretty pleasant because you get what you want by just typing on search button, and you will see the products of similar name. Nevertheless, I have been browsing more on this site compared to all the other major e-commerce site hence that proves it all. Since 10.10 is approaching, this is the best time for you to explore this website and find for all the things you need, from personal care to home necessities! Let me just add that PG Mall is the only local e-commerce site. As for the payment method, PG Mall is widely accepting most of the e-wallets available, such as Grab Pay, Boost Pay & payment gateway as it’s aimed to be able to diversify the platform on all-accessing outlook.

Nestle Top Spender – Oktober 2020

Any Milo lovers? Nescafe die hard fan? Maggi enthusiasts?

Nestle is currently running a contest till end of the month where the top spender will be walking away with a RM150 cash voucher!

October Top Winner prizes :

Weekly : 3 winner x RM80 voucher

Monthly Top Spender : 2 winners x RM150 voucher.

Imagine how many products you can purchase with that cash voucher ; I am stocking up on Nescafes and Maggi because what’s better time to do if not during their best sales time? Let me list down some of the products that I’ve purchased which co-incidentally is also on discount :

  1. NESCAFE Blend and Brew Original 28x19g, Buy 2 Free 1 Nescafe Red Mug – RM27.80
: Groceries & Pets  >  Beverage  >  Coffee
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 25.00 x 15.00 x 30.00
: 2.34375

I love the Nescafe Blend & Brew in Original, and let me also share with you that I have been collecting Nescafe mugs since my first year of college. This is the signature mug and I am super trilled that I am not only paying a discounted price for 56 sachets of Nescafe but also getting a Nescafe red mug as well. If you are not a fan of the original flavor, you can opt for the following which also comes with a free Nescafe red mug.

2. Nestle KITKAT Chocolatory – Triple Berries Special Edition – RM8.00

Just like coffee, I cannot resist Kit Kat, specially a specially edition one where there is fruits in it! So I’ve added it into my shopping cart. And guess what? It is also on discount, where it has been reduced from RM13.99 (original price) to RM8.00, that is a whole RM4.99 discount. Kid you not, people, this is literally the best promotion! However if you do not like berries, there are other options for you to choose from :

You can also opt for the Kit Kat bites if that’s more like your thing :

And also this cute bundle :

You can check more Nestle products through this link :

Conclusion :

Honestly, PG Mall has never failed me when it comes to user experience be it the interface or the purchasing experience itself. It is straight forward and easy access within the website or application itself. Plus, they always have amazing discounts going on which is truly a great help specially at this pandemic time, we all want to save some cash where we can.

All the links to PG Mall social media handle is available below :

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