First DPL experience @ Wax Candy


Candy Wax Bar celebrated their third year anniversary on 13th January 2019  and I was invited to share the joy over their success. I, on the other hand is more than honored to be selected to be part of their journey in this sector. Of course, never been able to try their services before; this is quite a favorable opportunity for me, in order to get to know in precise details on the services they offer which includes the price, side effect and etc. Let me share some details about Candy Wax Bar. This prominent wax bar was founded in 2016, with an ideology to provide a healthy and hygienic waxing experiences to their patrons – which is quite apparent if you visit their branch – be it in Taman Desa or Damansara Uptown outlet. They have a very simplistic and clean concept – very open about their products as well. From what I experience, they do know how to take care of their customers.

Candy Wax Bar isn’t only providing waxing services but they also offer DPL services in a very affordable price.


DPL Services 

I am sure you have heard about Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which has been proved to be one of the really good hair removal methods – however the pain that comes with it sometimes can be super unbearable. But technology advances, there is a solution which is completely painless , and quick as well. Sounds like heaven? That is exactly what DPL does. DPL is Dynamic Pulsed Light (a broad-spectrum light source) which helps to remove or reduce the hair growth in the targeted area and can be undertaken by both men and women. Lucky for me, Candy Wax Bar is one of the few places in Malaysia that offers budget friendly DPL services (the price will be provided at the bottom of this page). 

My experience. 

The first time I heard that I will be getting a DPL for my underarm, I was quite nervous. One thing you have to know is that I am not a fan of waxing – and is always dreadful when I need to get my waxing appointment done. I have really low pain tolerance hence why waxing can get quite irritating to my skin. IPL is definitely a big NO in my list for the apparent reason as I have heard about it from many of my friends – making me all uncomfortable, so I never wanted to try it. To be honest, I was really nervous and almost wanted to politely decline their offer – because in my head it is all painful. But then, my blogger friends reassured that the process was quick and almost painless – this was somewhat comforting but it wasn’t enough. Eventually my turn came around and I was greeted by the person in charge ( I am sorry I was too nervous that I completely forgot the name of the sweet lady who did my session 😦 ). 

My first thought – the staffs are really friendly.

I was explained thoroughly on the process and the product that will be used. She also provided me reassurance – but she was really honest while doing it, not at all over doing which made me to trust her. I do understand that they truly care about their customers because they take time to explain each and everything you need to know because as a consumer you should know what is being done to your skin / body and what are the products being used – this is legit.

The Process 

  1.  As my armpit was not hairless, so the staff shaved the hair patches and she did it very smoothly, and gently. The ensured there were no cuts and I was comfortable along the process.
  2. Cooling gel was applied to the surface of my armpit – it was soothingly cold and I believe it helps to numb the area to reduce the pain.
  3. The DPL procedure begins – and ended within 5 mins ~ !
  4. Sensation, yes ! Pain? NOT AT ALL.


I was left stunned after the procedure where it ended quite fast – and was totally painless. Of course there was sensation quite similar to ant bite but it was bearable, almost unnoticeable if it wasn’t for the sound of the DPL machine. I really loved the service provided since I walked into their outlet – I mean they won from the first impression itself. It is also important to ensure that your customers are adequately informed – and they did their part excellently in this matter.

One of the other factor that makes me want to avail their services again is how neat and clean their work stations are !  This proves that hygiene is their priority and that is so essential especially dealing directly with skin needs extra care or else, you’ll end up with many skin issues.

The winning factor here is definitely the price – you can avail DPL service at only RM69 for your underarm ; isn’t that a great investment?


This is where the DPL is done – Picture Courtesy @najatul

Price of the services available at Wax Candy

Address : 

(Taman Desa Outlet)
Lot 115A First Floor, Podium Block,
Faber Towers, Jalan Desa Bahagia, â€©Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur.
T / +603 7971 9999 / +603 7972 1999
(Damansara Uptown Outlet)
67M, Jalan SS21/37,
Damansara Utama, 47400 â€©Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T / +603 7722 5277

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