Lennox Inner D’tox – Comprehensive Inner Body Cleansing.

Health is wealth – a very popular phrase to emphasize the importance of health to live a prosperous life. We are aware of this and many of us do our best to stay healthy, but the question is are we really doing our best ? It’s not a lie when I say that we live around food temptation – and Malaysia has always been regarded as a food heaven and well I am a foodie, so eating healthy is not really easy thing to do. However, I made sure that I am constantly detoxing my body – workout, vegetarian diet and fruit fasts but sometimes it can be a little hassle specially if you are working full time. However, I have found the perfect solution to a quick detox – Lennox Inner D’tox. 


Lennox Inner D’tox

Lennox Inner D’tox is a 7 days formulated herbal detox that helps to cleanse the body from unwanted toxins through digestive system, liver, lymph, and urinary tract. This detox comes in 4 different categories which is : Diet Enzyme, Antioxidant & Probiotics, Waterful Skin and Collagen. I will explain further about these and their functions, so that you know exactly the kind of detoxifying element that your body needs.

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  1. Lennox Inner D’tox  –  Antioxidant and Probiotics 

Antioxidant is a compound that helps to inhibit oxidant that prohibits the growth of other molecules in the body. Antioxidants are mostly found in fresh vegetables ( good kids eat their veggies, remember ? ) and fruits – helping to also neutralize free radicals that is the main culprit of ageing and diseases. While probiotics are live and yeasts are good for your body as they are the good bacterias that helps to keep your gut healthy, which helps strong immune system, brain health and more. This supplement gives double the requirement for your body hence this is something that you need if you consume a lot of processed food, or well, not a fan of green tea.

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      2. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Diet Enzyme 

Protein molecules that works as catalysts is known as enzyme, where is helps to increase the speed of chemical reaction in human body however in the process of doing so, enzyme stays intact. Consuming fruit based enzyme drink is beneficial in many ways specially aiding to improve immune system and lowering cholesterol level.  If you are someone who likes fatty foods, or high cholesterol food eg fried dishes, fast food, then this is something that you will need.

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3. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Collagen 

Collagen exists largely in our body – it is the component that gives structure to our skin, hair,nails ,bones, ligaments, tendons and – allowing us to move freely without limitation. Not only that, Collagen also helps to give our skin the healthy glow, strong nails and shiny hair. However, ageing process slows down the production of collagen – hence supplementing with collagen can assist greatly to increase the body’s collagen level. Hence, this one is suitable for everyone who is going to the stress of ageing process.

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    4. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Waterful Skin 

Our body is made up to 60 % of water, which means this is the most important component to keep our functioning well – in fact, our body depends on water to survive. Our body used H2O to eliminate waste products, to maintain our body and even to lubricate our joint so that we can move freely. Keeping the body hydrated, day to day basis can be a tough thing to given our busy schedules – hence you will need supplements that is able to vital role in this process – hence this one works best for them who needs to detox the body through hydration.

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I am always careful when it comes to putting something inside my body – so I did a little research on this but there is not much reviews out there, which also means a good thing because I will not be blinded by testimonials. I do have my pro’s and con’s and I will be as honest as I can be.

  • I like the packaging – it light, both the sachets and the package it came in. It is also resealable which means you can pretty much place it anywhere – and carry it with you if you are going out of town.
  • The supplement comes in individual sachets – which means easier to throw it in your bag while you are leaving to office – so no hassle of carrying an individual bag for this sole purpose.
  • It is easy to consume – with or without water. You don’t need a shaker to get it dissolved or mix well. All you have to do is to tear the top part and consume it directly in your mouth ( based on your preference ).
  • It dissolves in your mouth after few seconds (this comes under my con’s ), which was a little annoying but I got it dissolve quicker by drinking some water – which later made the powder to have gum like texture ( and almost tasted like green apple Sugus – BUT I am not surprise , because the flavor was Apple Yogurt ).


  1. Lennox Inner D’tox  –  Antioxidant and ProbioticsRM 38.80
  2. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Diet EnzymeRM 32.80 
  3. Lennox Inner D’tox  – CollagenRM 38.80
  4. Lennox Inner D’tox  – Waterful Skin RM 38.80 

These are currently only available at selected Watsons Malaysia outlets, as well as online via https://www.watsons.com.my/ .


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21 thoughts on “Lennox Inner D’tox – Comprehensive Inner Body Cleansing.

  1. good to know this as I see the packaging easy for travel use too. Didn’t know they have few range to choose from, suitable for them that wanna try detox products. Christmas just few weeks away, suitable for them who like to present gifts for loved ones maybe they wanna try it.


  2. I think I need to detox too. Makan banyak then tak makan untuk detox. Detox pun ada collagen juga ye?. Kalau apple flavour then the taste maybe sour is it?. Dalam tu pun ada live culture enzyme?


  3. Tak pernah try any detox produk..Ada byk jenis dtox ni ye..yg apple yogurt u share mcm best je….senang juga nk cosume with or without water..nanti bole try cari kt watson..tq for sharing


  4. Yeah! My body is not healthy right now because I am not detox it. I think, I need one like Lennox Inner Detox – especially waterful skin. It is suitable for me! Because my skin is dry. Dehidrate maybe? Hahaha thanks for sharing ya!


  5. Never tried any detox product. I think i need this. Mesti banyk toksin dalam badan i. Nampak produk ni macam bagus dan berkesan. Will try it for myself 🙂


  6. Wow so many type of detoxs products nowadays.. but seriously i want to try this especially diet enzyme. Anything we want to start to diet we need to detoxs our digestion system to make sure its can work snoothly during the diet time..


  7. Wahhh.. so many type of detoxs. Actually i never heard about this product before. But maybe i should try one. Before we start our diet, we need to detoxs first our digestion system, right? so that it can work smoothly and we can get the result fast as we want.


  8. Detox ni penting sangat untuk buang toksin dalam badan kita.. lepas dah detox badan mesti rasa ringan dan segar kan.. TB pernah gak detox sebelum ni .. tak ingat apa nama dia.. dah lama pun.. ni mesti badan dah banyak toksin balik ni.. kena detox balik la nampaknya.. lennox inner dtox ni macam best je.. boleh la try nanti..


  9. Good sharing here, this brand is new to me, I no try this before. I am glad you sharing this as some friends looking for gift ideas. Maybe they can check this out, Christmas just few weeks away. Wow I like this way of consume just pour in the mouth will do.


  10. Detox is really important to our body but sometimes people dont have much time to do it daily. But with this Lemonnex Inner Detox, it can enhance the trust if people to believe that, they can detox their body easily and dont need much time. Its really help us to care our body health.


  11. Wah ada produk detox yang baru la. Kinah pernah jugak detox tapi another brand la. Nampak macam menarik je semua ni dan harganya pun affordable. Rasa nak cuba jugakla, packaging pun menarik dan senang nak bawa pergi travel nanti. Thank you for this sharing


  12. not just your skin, you body also need sto be taken care of. bagus ada produk untuk inner macam ni. boleh jadi makanan tambahan untuk badan


  13. As a food lover too, it is important to detox all unwanted ‘things’inside our body. This kind of products are a must have item to mr as it is easy to consume and the price is quite reasonable. Need to check it out soon.


  14. This will be easy to bring while travelling and need not be so worried about health. My first time hearing about the brand. Will certainly check it out soon as I need to detox too


  15. Hi would like to know when is the best time to drink the diet enzyme? Is it right after meal ? Or before ?
    Please advise.


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