Wonder Series + Prologue Masks Series

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I used to wonder how Korean girls always look pretty ; at all time – even without the help of makeup. And eventually, I learned that they are passionate about taking care of their well being – be it internally or externally. The products produced are well researched and often comes with a great benefit, not only to the Koreans but also to the rest of the skincare enthusiast around the world. Just as such, I came across a brand that is enthusiastic and creative to construct a series of products that will be a great help in our daily skincare routine – HARUHARU .

HaruHaru – An introductory.

A subsidiary of one of Korea’s prominent fermentation pundits – OK Bio Lab ; Haru Haru was recently introduced in Malaysia with Wonder Skincare Series and HaruHaru Prologue mask series – one of the many products that has been assembled to fit any lifestyle – mainly focusing most common issues women encounter such as dull skin, aging and dry skin. HaruHaru implements state-of-the-art technology techniques in producing their skincare products which includes breaking down the molecules of the ingredients to ensure the nutrients are focused in being absorbed into the cells besides helping to keep the product’s moistness and smoothness texture.

HaruHaru skincare has vowed to provide the most effective skincare product hence the products used are one of the best, including Maqui Berry from the Chilean Alpine which has been as one of the Top 5 super food, along with fermented honey and green tea extracts.

Haru Haru Wonder Series. 

HaruHaru Wonder products are mainly focused for the skincare enthusiast from early twenties to mid thirties – where the skin is rapidly going through changes on daily basis. The pretty part of this series that the bigger version of it comes in as a “take away” coffee cup design, while the smaller ones come in a tube that fits in easy in any bag – for daily use, after gym and even, while travelling.

Below are the products and their functions :

Wonder Maqui Berry Antioxidant Cream and Mask : Infused with extract of fermented Maqui Berry for anti-aging and skin regeneration. The packaging comes in a purple tube / cup  and this cream has a very strong green tea fragrance to it – quite similar to the ones you get in spas.

Wonder Honey Green Reparative Cream and Mask : This cream comes in a maroon tube/ cup and smells exactly like Wonder Maqui Berry Antioxidant Cream and Mask. One of the many ingredients in this cream is Schizandra Chinensis Fruit Extract which works perfectly as anti-inflammatory, anti aging and with the bonus effect of regenerating whilst hydrating the skin.

Wonder Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream and Mask –  As the name suggests, the main function of this cream is to hydrate the skin thoroughly, which I personally believe is what most of women need – skin hydration because drinking plenty of water alone might not be the best solution , at times. One of the main ingredient in this cream that comes in a turquoise tube and cup is Moso Bamboo which effective for intense moisturizing and revitalizing the skin.

Wonder Honey Green Brilliant Cream and Mask –  This is an environmental friendly cream that comes in a white tube / cup , how out of the norm is that ! This cream contains green tea and honey extract that helps to fight skin problem that comes along with age – wrinkle. Whilst it minimizes wrinkle, the cream also helps to brighten skin by clearing dull pigmented layer and provide intense hydration in the process.

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HaruHaru Prologue Masks Series

This set of masks is targeted for the young , fun and vibrant crowd where it is packed in the form of prologues hence the name. The main ingredient is Maqui Berry and it is about Haru – the skin superhero that tackles the main culprits that results in bad skin ; Dry skin, wrinkles, dull skin tone etc.

HaruHaru Prologue Maqui Berry Lifting Masks – the function of this mask is to act as antioxidant that helps to resolve wrinkle issue while firming the skin, at the same time.

HaruHaru Prologue Maqui Berry Brightening Mask –  this is also functions almost similar to tackle wrinkle issues but at the same time minimizes fine lines while brightening the skin for ensure the skin tone is even.

HaruHaru Prologue Maqui Berry Soothing Mask –  This mask is specially curated for them with sensitive skin with the same functionality, which is to reduce wrinkle but more subtle on the skin.

HaruHaru Prologue Maqui Berry Moisture Mask – this is the best mask to use for the with dry skin, flaky and wrinkled. In fact, this mask is one stop solution for all the skin issues – where it promotes moisture on the skin. Apart of that, it also helps to renew the skin to maintain a younger and fresher look.

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HaruHaru seems to be a complete package product that is able to cater the needs of almost every woman in Malaysia – where it can be used as a set or can be applied individually but either way the effect is visible. One of the reason for this is the ingredients that is being used in the product – and the method of fermentation that helps the skin to absorb the products efficiently. Apart of that, HaruHaru also practices patented biotechnological delivery approach which is the natural liposome that allows the product to reach the cell for better effect. Apart of the common ingredients used like green tea and honey, HaruHaru went a notch to include superfood like Maqui Berry into the product, where this berry is said to be the powerful component as antioxidants.  Back to basic, the packaging of the Wonder Series is definitely creative and convenient, where it comes in two sizes 90g – on the go take away coffee cup while the 30g comes in tubes so that it can be carried easily, anywhere.

You can purchase the Wonder Series and the Prologues Masks Series at the following locations :

SenHeng Outlets – Pandan Jaya, SS2 , USJ Taipan, Kepong, Bukit Tinggi and Setia Alam.

Watsons : TBA – coming January 2019

If you would like to know more about this brand you may visit them at their social handles listed below or on their website :

IG : http://www.instagram.com/haruharu_malaysia

FB : http://www.facebook.com/haruharumalaysia

Website : https://i-m-pine.com

Till next time *toodles* 

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14 thoughts on “Wonder Series + Prologue Masks Series”

  1. Wow look at the packaging design of the mask is very creative and suitable to pull the child’s interest hehehe but that is the use of adults. But have seen the design of the mask that is unique and strange is now a lot of very good all kinds of this product.


  2. Korea is known as the best beauty product supplier in the world..and no wonder korean girls are pretty. very cute packaging and so many mask can suit for your skin


  3. wah I would like to try out these masks, so many masks need to discover… feel like I need to pamper myself with those ingredients everyday all the times… the packaging looks cute too I love them 🙂


  4. The packaging looks cute and different with others. Looks interesting. I love to collect mask. I think i should try this one. Thanks for the info and i will check it out.


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