LaF Water Bomb Ampoule

To begin with, I am really sluggish when it come to skin care routines but I love exploring products that really suits my skin. My skin care routine is rather simple – cleanser, toner & moisturizer, sometimes I add on scrub into the routine. Recently, when I got my hands on LaF Water Bomb Ampoule, I was quite stunned so I started to research more on this and came across some interesting instances. More on it, below.

Lost and Found , Seoul (Korea)

A brief introduction to the brand – the catchy name Lost and Found (LaF) has a literal meaning to it. It basically is the abbreviation for LOST AND FOUND, in the sense of lost being the problem and found is the solution. The main aim of this brand is to provide innovative solutions to skin problems to anyone who needs it. This brand has products for almost every skin issue and if you check out these products, you will find tea tree as the common denominator. The price is quite easy on your pocket – ranging between RM 47.10 to RM 56.50, and can be easily found in Guardian ( with some discount as cherry on the cake – if you are lucky ).

LaF Water Bomb Ampoule. 

My first impression is that this is a very simplistic formula. The packaging – super minimal – with a dramatic definition to it.  However, I was not quite happy that the instruction, ingredients and what not is in Korean. That can be a drawback if you don’t know Korean, I mean who would want to get one if you don’t even know what it is made off, right? But no worries, I have listed the ingredients below so that you are aware of what you are applying to your skin. As for the product , it comes in a very easy to operate 30ml bottle , but again except for the name , everything else in Korean. I like that the label did not cover the whole bottle, as you will be able to see the color of ampoule that is transparent. The smell is very mild – almost relaxing I would say, and I never like product with strong smell , so plus point here. Coming to the product – it is liquid yet a little oily ( you will realize when you are applying , which I think due the fact that Glycerin is one of the main products. Visually it looks like droplets of water, and easy to be applied onto the skin.

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Application & Review 

After a little more research, I decided to wash my face and then to use this ampoule right after using a toner. I pumped out about 4 droplets and applied it onto my face – and looking at the texture, I had a feeling that it is going to be sticky but to my surprise it is not sticky all ! It almost felt like I was applying water mixed with a subtle amount of oil – and it glides really well on my skin. For the first few minutes, it stayed onto my skin before being absorbed into the skin, and it did irritate my skin for abit but soon after it felt soft and cool. This was basically my last routine, and when I got up the next day – I can still feel the softness and the result was quite instant – my skin looked fresh like I had scrubbed it for awhile. This difference was also realized by my colleagues and that pretty much made me a happy person !

What do I think ?

This product retails at RM 47.07, and I wouldn’t think twice to get this again once I’ve completely utilized the bottle that I have now. It comes in a generous amount of 30ml give the function of the product that is almost immediately. This is a product that suits almost any skin out there because like it or not, hydrating is a major part of our skin care routine – and hydrated skin is a healthy skin. Not only that the price is reasonable but the product is indeed effective, if you’d like to give a try, you can proceed to purchase it from here : .

I hope this was informative enough and till next time *toodles*




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