Tapas Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Food is no longer only a necessary; it has become an experience. It is an adventure to search for the best place that offers flavors that you cannot take off your mind. For me, food is the way I understand culture – based on my observation, each chef has their own way of preparing their food hence why you will not get the same food with the same taste anywhere. It can come close, but never the same.

However, with the pandemic and Malaysia being placed under a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), we can no longer move freely searching for food to satisfy our foodie soul. That doesn’t mean you cannot bring these flavors to the comfort of your home. I am not talking about fast food or “Mamak” restaurant orders but classy, high-end lunch and dinner. That’s right – to know more keep reading this blog.

Tapas Restaurant – Chasing Flavors (Food Delivery)

I know many of you must be shocked to read this ; Tapas has delivery? Are you sure?. Yes, I am very sure because I got myself some really good food delivery from this Tapas restaurant. As Malaysians, we have experienced the best food culture but with the CMCO, we can no longer enjoy the freedom we once had hence Tapas restaurant wants all of us to have good meal at the comfort of our own homes. They offer quite an interesting menu for delivery – refer to the image below :

I tried 4 of the items from the menu above, which is Braised Lamb Osso Bucco, Pumpkin Soup, Semolina Fruit Cake & Mince Fruit Pie. I am sharing my experience so that you can also know more about it however taste buds differs for everyone hence this is only my opinon, rather my experience.

My Experience.

First of all, I would like to thank Tapas restaurant for enabling this opportunity where I am able to taste mouth-watering food without going out of my home. Trust me when I say I’ve missed it so much because ever since CMCO, I either cook at home or order from any restaurants nearby. I am not a fan of fast food restaurants hence that is totally not in my list.

Back to Tapas restaurant, they have sent me four dishes for me to try. I do have my favorite and you will know as you read along. I will explain as detailed as possible about each dish.

Braise Lamb Osso Bucco

Ossobuco or osso buco is Italian for “bone with a hole” (osso “bone”, buco “hole”), a reference to the marrow hole at the centre of the cross-cut veal shank. I have to be honest that I am not a fan of red meat or rather choose not to eat it but I never shy away from trying a new dish hence I gave this a try.

This dish comes with the main dish and two toasted bread. Now, the main dish, which is the Osso Bucco comes in its own flavorful gravy. It is filled with generous amount of carrot, tomatoes and onions which I can make off. As for the meat itself, it is quite tender and soft to taste which is suitable for those who dislike hard meat – like myself. I don’t prefer chewing my meat way too much or when it takes to much time to break it down.

Despite my non-preference for red meat, I enjoyed this dish because it has the perfect mixture of all the required taste. It is spicy but not so much, it is sweet but not overwhelming hence when you actually taste it – the flavors alone gives you a pleasure like never before. At least for me, that is what I felt. You can eat the dish with anything else like risotto, spaghettis, pasta or just with plain bread but I truly like the bread that they have included – it tastes bland on its own but when it is dipped in the gravy, it tastes so good! So good that I have been craving for it since. Oh did I mention that the bread has some nuts and raisin in it? Yes, its a soda bread. You really want to try this for yourself.

  • Braised Lamb Osso Bucco
  • RM 28.00
  • Comes with two pieces of soda bread.
  • Delivery : Placed in a transparent bag, wrapped around a foil
  • You might need to re-heat it if you are living far from the restaurant. You just have to heat the dish in a microwave at 140 degree for 15 minutes.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is a usually ‘bound’ soup made from a purée of pumpkin. It is made by combining the meat of a blended pumpkin with broth or stock. For your information, this quite a famous dish during Thanksgiving. Also FYI, this is the first time I am trying this out.

The pumpkin, just like the osso bucco, comes with two bread that looks like Marraqueta. The consistency for the soup is thick, which I believe suitable for those who are on a diet, because it can keep you full for a long time. As for the taste, it is both sweet and savory which I think is the reason why the pumpkin soup is pretty good. The quantity given is quite reasonable hence I was not able to finish it at the same time, so I saved it for my dinner – which still taste good after sitting in the refrigerator for couple of hours.

You might ask why bread with pumpkin soup? Generally, pumpkin soup is smooth and relatively thick in texture, hence pairing it with crispy breads is for contrast reason. Did I enjoy the pumpkin soup? Yes, I did and I think it is quite a healthy dish and suitable for vegetarians.

  • Pumpkin Soup
  • RM23.00
  • Comes with 2 pieces of crispy bread
  • Delivery : Placed in a transparent bag, wrapped around a foil
  • You might need to re-heat it if you are living far from the restaurant. You just have to heat the dish in a pan on a slow fire for 12 minutes

Semolina Fruit Cake

Who can resist a good fruit cake? Classic fruit cake made with soaked unsweetened dried fruit. A festive, flavorful, and moist fruit cake to enjoy all holiday season – we have this during Deepavali as well hence it is no longer a Christmas thing!

fruitcake should be rich, it should taste like dried fruit and spices and alcohol – and if you try out the wrong one, you might end up disliking it for life. I had my struggles with fruit cakes for years before coming across some that I really like. Luckily, the one from Tapas falls into the one I like. Once I tried it, I literally messaged my sister and told her, we need this for Deepavali.

Fruit cake itself is a dense cake, hence the flavor shouldn’t be over-powering each other and the Semolina Fruit Cake from Tapas restaurant is by far one of the perfect ones. One bite will want you to ask for more which eventually what I end up doing. It was my desert after my lunch, cake for my tea time and breakfast for the next day ; I actually ate the whole 1/2 kg within 2 days and if that doesn’t explain how delicious it is, then you really need to get one for yourself to try it out. I am sure you will agree with me.

  • Semolina Fruit Cake
  • RM80.00 (1kg)
  • Acetate liner wrapped around the cake to avoid drying and placed in a very pretty box. Suitable if you are looking to give it to your loved ones.
  • Can be consumed immediately, do place it in the refrigerator if you want to consume the next day (make sure it is wrapped as well)

Mince Fruit Pie

Mince fruit pie is a sweet pie of English origin filled with a mixture of dried fruits and spices called “mincemeat”, that is traditionally served during Christmas season. This dish is made off a range of fruits, and spices such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Although this is quite a famous dessert, it is actually the first time I am trying a mince fruit pie and immediately became my favorite.

It is so tiny and cute – totally instragramable 😛 but it is so delicious! I love anything that is crusty from the outside but totally soft from the inside. I am craving for it as I am writing this, literally mouth-watering dessert and a MUST HAVE if you are planning to place an order from Tapas Restaurant. As for the taste, its a well blend between sweet and sour, and the crust compliments it well.

  • Mince Fruit Cake
  • RM15/5pc Small (20gm), RM30/5pc Large (56gm)
  • Place in a pretty box with ribbon.
  • You can put into the refrigerator and consume anytime you want.


Overall, I am pleased with the menu and the price is reasonable as well. Will I order again? Maybe but I would definitely go for the semolina fruit cake and mince fruit pie because these both are my favorites!

Address : Tapas Restaurant – 368, Jalan Tun Razak, Taman U Thant, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

For delivery : https://api.whatsapp.com/send/?phone=601164383677&text&app_absent=0

A Guide to Glowing Skin with Safi Hydra Glow.

Skin is our largest organ—adults carry some 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and 22 square feet (2 square meters) of it. Among all the skin that we have on our body, the biggest concern always falls on the face skin as this is the most visible and most exposed part of our body. As we age, the skin on our face is also affected as we gradually lose natural oil, constant exposure to sun damage and decreased cell renewal can lead to dry and rough skin.

How to know if you have dry skin?

Well, you can follow this simple step to identify your skin type. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove all makeup, oil and dirt.  Pat face dry with a soft towel, or any clothes specifically for face and leave skin bare. Don’t apply any moisturizers or serums. Let your skin act naturally. After an hour, look closely and identify the quality of your skin. If it feels itchy and dry, has some flakey patches, then you have dry skin type.

Don’t worry if you have dry skin type – you are not alone; this is quite a common issue specially if you are living in a place where the weather frequently changes. Nevertheless, not drinking enough water or using irritating products on your skin can also result in dehydration of your skin making it dry. For your information, dryness and dehydrated skin are two concern but the solution can be the same which is to lock the moisture in your skin. In this case, you will need to find a range of product that not only help to moisture the skin but also lock the moisture in the skin, and I do have a product that I highly believe will resolve this issue, gradually.

Safi Hydra Glow – 5 Steps To A Glowing Hydrated Skin

SAFI is a leading Halal brand which consists of a unique and comprehensive range of skincare, personal care and toiletry products developed exclusively to meet the needs of modern Muslim women and men. Meeting the requirements of modern women, they have recently launched Safi Hydra Glow that is made from ingredients that focuses on providing moisturization for face skin and at the same time to lock the moisture in the skin.

This range consist of 5 products ; 1) Hydrating Water Drop Moisturizer, 2) Hydrating Toning Essence, 3) Hydrating Water Lock Mist , 4) Hydrating Water Bank Serum & 5) Hydrating Water Cleanser . I have personally tried each one of these products and got to say that I am truly impressed with the end result since the price range is still affordable. The total price of all the mentioned products is less than RM200/USD50. This range is formulated with Hydra Active x3 Technology hence each of the products contains fermented rice extract, vitamin B5 & Hyaluronic Acid.

Fermented Rice Extract is an essential part of ancient Chinese beauty secret. Chinese women are known to use unpolished rice water as daily toner in their beauty regimen. This is because the ingredients found in fermented rice water can help in hydration in which tightening the skin and shrinking open pores on our face. However, fermented rice extract is also used to calm inflamed skin.

These reviews are based on my personal experience and the products might work differently on different people even if the skin type is the same. As for sensitive skin, it is advisable to do a patch test on a small part of your skin to be sure.

  1. Safi’s Hydrating Water Drop Moisturizer.

There are many moisturizers in the market, and it can be tempting to own each of it given every product promises to moisturize and keep your skin hydrated for a natural dewy glow but do they have the essential ingredient to lock the moisture in? The ingredient I am referring to here is “Ceramide” which helps to lock the moisture in the skin. This moisturizer is the only one moisturizer in the market that is under RM50 which comes at a generous size (40g), that contain Ceramide, which reasonable specially if you are looking for budget friendly product that actually works. Thus product also create a barrier to prevent permeability and at the same time protect your epidermis from environmental damage.

As for the texture, it has gel like consistency but when applied on the skin, it gradually transform into water form with every stroke. One thing I realize is that your skin feels smooth right after applying, thanks to the vitamin B5 that has been added into the moisturizer. Another benefit of this moisturizer is it has a cooling effect hence your skin also feels fresh.

For those of you that are not a fan of strong scented beauty products or sensitive to those with fragrance, then this is definitely the one that you need because this moisturizer has mild scent, if you have strong sense of smell, otherwise it is almost unscented.

Product Information

  • 40g
  • RM39.90
  • Comes in square glass bottle, with plastic lit
  • Available at Guardian, Lazada, Shopee, Watsons
  • How to use : Apply evenly onto freshly cleansed face.

2. Safi’s Hydrating Water Bank Serum

This serum is definitely infused with Hyaluronic Acid; as someone who has tried quite a number of hyaluronic acid, Hydrating Water Bank Serum works exactly as promised. Again, what impresses me the most about this serum is it feels like a high-end product but pretty budget friendly, again at barely under RM60 because most of the products out there that contains generous amount of HA is on the pricier side of the spectrum hence would totally recommend this if you are planning to try out serum for your dry skin issue. Just like the moisturizer, this serum also contains Ceramide hence adding this into your skin care routine will boost the hydration process.

As for the texture, it is typically like any other hyaluronic acid serum – thick, gooey substance. It’s clear like water but has a gel-like consistency. This is because the high viscosity of Hyaluronic Acid makes it great for keeping tissues lubricated and moist.

This serum is unscented hence it is suitable for everyone, specially those who are sensitive to strong scents. However, if you like your beauty products to have aromatherapy like scent or floral scent, this serum doesn’t offer that. Nevertheless, it is quite a good serum.

Product Information

  • 30ml
  • RM58.90
  • Comes in normal vial bottle, with dropper
  • Available at Guardian, Lazada, Shopee, Watsons
  • How to use : Drop 2-3 droplets onto face or palm and massage gently until fully absorbed. Best used after cleansing and toning, and before moisturizing.

3. Safi’s Hydrating Toning Essence

Toner is one of the essential step in beauty regime for those with dry skin. I never skip this step because toners are state-of-the-art liquid moisturizers that actually enhance skin’s surface, giving it what it needs to look fresher, smoother, and hydrated. Safi’s Hydrating Toning Essence effect is almost as instance as when its applied onto the skin surface. The technology used to formulated this toner ensures that it helps to enhance skin moisture 1.6x immediately after application and actively hydrates the skin up to 48 hours, so you know your skin is well taken care off as you go about your daily activity.

As for the texture, it is quite similar to the texture of the serum, which is quite different for toners. The consistency of the toners that I have used so far is quite similar which is water-like liquid base. It is also a little oily feel to it which I believe to the essential oils added into this toner. Nevertheless, it makes your skin soft after the first application itself.

However, this toner do have some scent to it is blended with oil from Damask rose and geranium oil which is a sweet scented flower but the scent is subtle; it is not over-powering.

Product Information

  • 150g
  • RM37.90
  • Comes in cylinder shape bottle, with circle opening on the top.
  • Available at Guardian, Lazada, Shopee, Watsons
  • How to use : Drop 2-3 droplets onto cotton pad or palm and massage gently until fully absorbed. Best used after cleansing and before serum; moisturizing.

4. Safi’s Hydrating Water Cleanser

Face is the part of our body that exposed to a lot of damage including sun, bacteria, dust, dirt and more that will gradually accumulate on the surface of our skin that will lead to breakouts, dehydration and ageing. Hence, cleansing should be the step that you never skip in your beauty regimen however you need to ensure the cleanser is gentle, mild-fragrance and irritant free. Your cleanser shouldn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or dry after rinsing. Safi’s Hydrating Water Cleanser fits the description above. It is light weight yet a little amount is enough for your whole face. This cleanser is formulated with Anti PM2.5, if you are not aware, the air contains fine particulate matter known as PM2.5, which is many times smaller than the pores through which skin breathes. This means that the particles enter our skin, causing inflammation that accelerates the development of age spots and wrinkles. This cleanser helps to help remove and protect skin against both indoor and outdoor pollution particles such as dust, dirt and free radicals.

The texture of this cleanser is gel-like however it is light weighted. I usually squeeze a little on my the top of forefinger and add 2 drops of water, then later across my face. It is soft on your skin, yet you can feel that the cleanser is cleaning your face. The important point to note is this cleanser will not make your face feel tighten up after washing, in fact you can stroke your fingers across your face and you should be able to feel the softness of your skin immediately after application.

This cleanser is unscented hence it is suitable for everyone, specially those who are sensitive to strong scents. However, if you like your beauty products to have aromatherapy like scent or floral scent, this serum doesn’t offer that. Nevertheless, it is quite good invest.

Product Information

  • 125g
  • RM16.90
  • Comes in general face wash tube
  • Available at Guardian, Lazada, Shopee, Watsons
  • How to use : Wash your face, squeeze a little on your hand and lather across your face. Massage gently for 1 minute and wash off.

5. Safi’s Hydrating Water Lock Mist

The purpose of face mist is simple – hydration, hydration and more hydration! Face mist able to deliver a burst of moisture to the top layer of your skin and you only need few sprays on your face. Not only this is an alternative way to hydrate your skin while also locking the moisture in your skin, face mist also acts like a primer that will absorb the goodness of serum and moisturizer, maximizing the effect. Mist your skin, the while it is still damp, apply serum and moisturize to your way to a hydrated skin.

Safi’s Hydra Glow Hydrating Water Lock Mist is light-weighted and refreshing. The water droplets fall on your skin subtlety making it a very therapeutic experience. Your skin feels instantly refreshed and dries quite fast on your skin. Since it is majorly water based, not stains will be left on your cloth.

As for the scent, it is minorly fragranced as this mist contains castor oil and olive oil but it is formulated so to suit those with delicate skin. I find this very helpful if I want to feel refreshed without walking to the bathroom to wash my face. Believe or not, I have this on my desk at all time while working.

Product Information.

  • 75ml
  • RM29.90
  • Comes in cylinder bottle with a transparent cap.
  • Available at Guardian, Lazada, Shopee, Watsons
  • How to use : Spray evenly onto freshly cleansed and moisturized face. Can be applied under or over make, or throughout the day for hydrated, dewy skin.

It is everyone’s dream to have crystal clear skin, however you will not obtain one overnight. It takes dedication and the right product. If you are looking to start a journey towards hydrated skin, I would definitely recommend Safi’s Hydra Glow range; it is good quality and also reasonable priced. If you are reading this in first week of November 2020, you can take advantage of the offer the 11.11 promotion that is going on at the moment.

Extra Information :

Are you the next Nestle Top Spender ?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the top spender of them all?

Welcome back to my blog, you amazing people! I came bearing good news that will definitely excite you, this time around. Did you know Nestle is running a contest at PG MALL to find a top spender? More information available below, so read the blog to know more!

Where do I find PG MALL ?

Let me be crystal clear, PG Mall isn’t a physical shopping mall but it is an online shopping website that allows you to find anything you want at a reasonable price.

This mall was recently named as one of the 3 top e-commerce sites based on iPrice insight report -https://iprice.my/insights/mapofecommerce/en/ .

I have recently purchased from over 8 stores in PG Mall and the experience is pretty pleasant because you get what you want by just typing on search button, and you will see the products of similar name. Nevertheless, I have been browsing more on this site compared to all the other major e-commerce site hence that proves it all. Since 10.10 is approaching, this is the best time for you to explore this website and find for all the things you need, from personal care to home necessities! Let me just add that PG Mall is the only local e-commerce site. As for the payment method, PG Mall is widely accepting most of the e-wallets available, such as Grab Pay, Boost Pay & payment gateway as it’s aimed to be able to diversify the platform on all-accessing outlook.

Nestle Top Spender – Oktober 2020

Any Milo lovers? Nescafe die hard fan? Maggi enthusiasts?

Nestle is currently running a contest till end of the month where the top spender will be walking away with a RM150 cash voucher!

October Top Winner prizes :

Weekly : 3 winner x RM80 voucher

Monthly Top Spender : 2 winners x RM150 voucher.

Imagine how many products you can purchase with that cash voucher ; I am stocking up on Nescafes and Maggi because what’s better time to do if not during their best sales time? Let me list down some of the products that I’ve purchased which co-incidentally is also on discount :

  1. NESCAFE Blend and Brew Original 28x19g, Buy 2 Free 1 Nescafe Red Mug – RM27.80
: Groceries & Pets  >  Beverage  >  Coffee
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)
: 25.00 x 15.00 x 30.00
: 2.34375

I love the Nescafe Blend & Brew in Original, and let me also share with you that I have been collecting Nescafe mugs since my first year of college. This is the signature mug and I am super trilled that I am not only paying a discounted price for 56 sachets of Nescafe but also getting a Nescafe red mug as well. If you are not a fan of the original flavor, you can opt for the following which also comes with a free Nescafe red mug.

2. Nestle KITKAT Chocolatory – Triple Berries Special Edition – RM8.00

Just like coffee, I cannot resist Kit Kat, specially a specially edition one where there is fruits in it! So I’ve added it into my shopping cart. And guess what? It is also on discount, where it has been reduced from RM13.99 (original price) to RM8.00, that is a whole RM4.99 discount. Kid you not, people, this is literally the best promotion! However if you do not like berries, there are other options for you to choose from :

You can also opt for the Kit Kat bites if that’s more like your thing :

And also this cute bundle :

You can check more Nestle products through this link : https://pgmall.my/Nestl%C3%A9-Online-Store-1

Conclusion :

Honestly, PG Mall has never failed me when it comes to user experience be it the interface or the purchasing experience itself. It is straight forward and easy access within the website or application itself. Plus, they always have amazing discounts going on which is truly a great help specially at this pandemic time, we all want to save some cash where we can.

All the links to PG Mall social media handle is available below :

PG Mall – M’sia No 1 E-Commerce Site

Festive seasons are just around the corner, and a lot of preparations are ahead of us. Amidst this pandemic, I think we all deserve a reason to put a smile on our face and bring some colors into the current situation, literally. What is the better way to do so than online retail therapy? Added with some discount for extra savings, I’m sure you’ll be all lit up in no time. Good news because I know exactly where you should shop this time around ; PG Mall!

PG Mall – Background story.

PG Mall is yet another successful milestone by Public Gold Marketing Sdn Bhd, the leading pioneer in ASEAN’s precious metal industry. Founded in 2017 and this is an all in one online shopping destination that can be accessed via http://www.pgmall.my. Apart from being Malaysia’s No 1 E-commerce site, which is fascinating enough, PG Mall also adds another feather to its head by becoming the only local e-commerce site in Malaysia!

The icing on the cake, PG Mall was listed as one of the top 3 e-commerce sites at iPrice insight report -https://iprice.my/insights/mapofecommerce/en/ which is a remarkable achievement and something we should be proud about! Now, do you need more reasons to shop here? Of course, there are more pros on shopping on this site such as they accept all E-Wallet and payment gateways – which means you have lots more choices to make the payment! This is exciting news for me as I do have the tendency to top up my e-wallet accounts and sometimes it goes of no use as many shopping platforms do have their restriction on the payment method provided.

Since it is August which also signifies our Merdeka month, I personally think it would be apt for you to shop on this platform to show support for our local things, right?

PG MALL C-Wallet

Apart from the various payment option available – PG Mall also offers their own payment method which is through PG Mall C-Wallet. So what is a C-Wallet? Well, it is similar to an E-Wallet where you can top up any amount and it will be stored as credit which you can use for your future orders and allows you to make a payment without requiring a minimum amount to spend.

This is how you go about it :

This is how you go about it :

1. Login into PG Mall account : https://pgmall.my/mobile_account , https://pgmall.my/?Source=Blogger&BloggerID=414

2. Go to “My Profile” and select “c-wallet”

3. Click on the “Top Up” button

4. Select your preferred payment method and click “Pay Now”

5. Verify your payment, you will be redirected to the selected payment’s website.

6. Your top-up amount will immediately be reflected if successful.


Refer here for the visual instructions.


I do most of my transactions via GrabPay because it’s convenient and plus I get points in return which can be used for my future transactions so when I heard PG Mall is having a promotion to avail 31% OFF while using GrabPay – I knew it was my lucky day. If you are also an avid GrabPay user or someone who’d like to try this payment mode, the offer is valid from from 1st August till 30th September 2020.

The 31% off is capped at Rm20 with minimum spend of Rm60. So lets say, the total price of your product is Rm100, then Rm20 will be deducted hence the final amount you’ll be paying is Rm80! What a way to save, right? Each customer is entitled to redeem this discount two times throughout the campaign period and it is based on a first come first serve basis hence hurry up and grab the opportunity now! 

To avail of this promotion, you will be required to use code “ONLINEDEALS”. Remember, this is a first come first serve basis promotion hence do not wait any longer and start adding products into your shopping cart 😉

Official Store.

These are some of the established brands’ official stores that you can find on PG Mall.

PG Jewels

PG Jewels is an online jewellery platform that sells wide range of 916 gold jewelleries. Their aim is to allow their customers to experience the best online gold jewellery shopping by providing a wide range of genuine gold jewelleries at affordable price. Customer do not need to worry about hidden charges as they do not have one. The best part is they ensure the products are delivered fully insured assuring customer will receive the product safe and complete.

PG Gold Museum

PG Gold Museum is an online platform where customer can purchase gold bullion. If you are wondering what are these, let me explain further. Bullion is gold, in the form of bars, ingots, or specialized coins that is said to maintain its worth better than conventional currencies and is therefore kept as a form of emergency currency by both governments and private citizens alike. This is a good form of investment and PG Mall made it easy by offering it on their platform, allowing customers to get them at their own ease.

Some other official stores available are as following :

  • Aurora
  • Brand’s
  • Nestle

Along with all the trusted official stores available for customers to purchase authentic products from with confidence – they also can enjoy discounts that available storewide without minimum purchase! Hence why PG Mall is the no 1 e-commerce site in Malaysia!

You can now download the app from the following links :

Apple store : https://apps.apple.com/my/app/pg-mall-shop-share/id1298973748

Playstore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pgmall.prod&hl=en

Wait no longer and start your shopping now 🛍

Check out Now !! @pgmall.my
Website: https://pgmall.my/?Source=Blogger&BloggerID=414
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PGMallMalaysia

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/pgmall.my/

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Review 101 : The Cakery – Hit or Miss?

Life is too short to say “no” to cake!

Cake has been an essential part of our lives since Germans first baked them in middle ages to celebrate Kinderfest. Along the way, improvements happen and we commercialized baking essentials. Centuries later, no celebration is ever complete without the presence of cake. Talk about significance.

From just having a cake in a party, we are spoilt with the choices of cakes to choose from a countless number of bakeries. Recently I discovered a new bakery – that offers over 30 choices of cakes, cupcakes and brownies at a very affordable price. It’s “The Cakery“.

The Cakery.

Launched in May 2020, The Cakery is managed by Kavi Vithya, a cooking enthusiast that started her journey from the tender age of 8, all thanks to her grandmother who owns a restaurant. As Kavi Vithya works her magic on the cakes, brownies and cupcakes, Vinodh Menon, the founder takes care of the operational aspects and together, they aspire to become a prominent brand that delivers delicious cakes across the country.

Vinodh Menon, Founder & Operations Manager
Kavi Vitya – Co Founder & Baker @ The Cakery

With the mouth watering choices and aesthetically pleasing cakes and cupcakes, I wouldn’t be surprised if The Cakery becomes one of the sought – after bakeries in Malaysia. The price itself is reasonable, between Rm100 to Rm165 while 12 pcs of cupcakes are Rm75 for all flavors except for cheese, which is Rm85 while the brownies are Rm65.

Rm 75
Rm 100
Rm 65


First look ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I ordered the Pandan Gula Melaka cake – I got to be honest, out of the lot. This is my favorite. I’ve tried almost every Pandan Gula Melaka cakes out there, and this is definitely one of the pleasant ones. Let me start with the smell – OH SO GOOD! This is the first thing that caught my attention, and I am not lying when I say the smell alone got me drooling. Pandan leaves have a naturally sweet taste and soft aroma and when you add the aroma of Gula Melaka (Palm Sugar), its instant heaven ( if that’s even a term but that’s the best way I can describe it).

The cake decoration is minimal but classy. I think it is beautiful and almost couldn’t get myself to cut it. Let be honest, I love everything in minimal so the cake is just the kind I like. Coated with fresh cream – and bits of Pandan leaves on the top is definitely a sight for the sore eyes. At least for my sore eyes, 😜.

Taste ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

As pretty as the cake looks – the taste will not disappoint you. If you love coconut, then you don’t want to miss trying the Pandan Gula Melaka cake. You’ll find generous amount of shredded coconut in between the layers! I think Ms Kavi Nithya is a genius because this masterpiece she created – a perfect combination of fresh cream, caramelized Gula Melaka, shredded coconut & Pandan flavor is truly the bomb!

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I love Pandan Gula Melaka cake and never missed the chance to try out one every-time I visit a bakery or cafe but very rare I find one that isn’t so When I say overwhelming which means, the combination of all the said ingredients above becomes too much after two bites. I’ve got a lot of bitter experiences where I feel like puking 🤢 because the combination is just awful for my taste bud!

Lucky for me, I didn’t experience the same for the birthday cake I got from The Cakery. I finished one BIG slice of the cake and enjoyed every bit 🤤. One of the crucial factor is that the cake is not too sweet despite all the ingredients, which was surprising for me. I’m not a sweet tooth so most of the time, I try a cake for the experience sake and this is one of the best Pandan Gula Melaka cake in town. The cake isn’t too dry which I think is one of the adding factor to what makes the cake delicious as it is.

Yes! That’s the huge size I am talking about!

Price ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Reasonable! Reasonable! Reasonable! There I said thrice because for the size and quality of the cake – RM120 is reasonable! Try it once and I am sure you’d agree with me too! The Cakery is generous with the ingredients, hence its worth every penny you spend 💸💸.

Temptation Level 💯

I’m sharing some extra pictures to lure you into The Cakery clan with me 😉 and checkout the price list as well!

Price List 💰

To Order ⬇️

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/thecakerymy

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/thecakerymy/

All you cake lovers – wait no more, try their cake, brownies or cupcakes today and let me know what you think about it! 👍🏻👍🏻

Till next time! **toodles**

6 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health During Lockdown.

The world is going through a pandemic outbreak and it is so significant that I am sure the generations after us will talk about it centuries after it ends.  As a history enthusiast, I once jokingly told my boyfriend that 2020 will be the year we see another pandemic outbreak – one that many will fear. If you read through history books, you would find that there is one major outbreak every 100 years, shocking? I know. But what I am here for today is not to share about COVID-19. I am here to share my experience, staying within the four walls of my room and occasionally travelling to the bathroom, living room, kitchen and balcony and how I deal with my mental health.

Following are some if the many things I have been trying for over a month now, and it helped me tremendously, and I know it will help you too!

Feel All Of Your Emotions.

Being positive is important, but it is equally important to accept what you feel, even if it is negative. It is okay if the fact that you have to stay in your home for almost a month frustrates you because it is normal. Do not suppress your emotions because you are too afraid of being judged; if you need help, call the people who are close and understands you, and share it with them. Feel your emotions, let it out and chill!

Cut Down the Time Spent on Social Media.

The information that you see while scrolling down your social media can affect your mental health, especially if it has something to do with the current issue. A lot of things you find on social media don’t necessary is the truth but how you react to that can make a mess with your emotion that eventually affects your mental wellbeing. If you cannot cut down completely, you always got the option to control the time you are spending on the internet.

Workout! Workout! Keep That Body Moving!

You are within the four walls of your room but that doesn’t mean you cannot workout or at least move your body and walking to the kitchen is not a workout! You should try out workouts, and experiment with activities that you can do indoor. Watch videos on YouTube, find for routines on the internet or download a workout app and try them out. You are free to choose whichever that suits your taste but ensure to sweat enough by the end of it and for your information, expanding the lungs also helps to fight respiratory infections like COVID-19 apart from making you feel better, mentally.

Eat Healthy and Well-Balanced Food.

“You are what you eat” if you are familiar with this phrase then you should know that what you eat affects your health – both physical and mental.  Opt for leafy greens and berries, as they help to get your antioxidant fix but at the same, boosts your immune system, which is crucial at the moment. I understand financial would be a concern since some of us only have our savings to help us get through this, hence it is advisable to cook at home instead of ordering online as this is usually cheaper.

Sleep and Meditation.

This lockdown is definitely the best time to discipline yourself, especially your sleeping pattern if you are a night owl. Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every day as this will boost your energy the next day that eventually influences your outlook on life, energy level, motivation, and emotions. This is very important because sleep deprivation and lockdown shouldn’t happen at the same time as this can cause feeling persistently sad or empty. As for meditation, it helps you to calm your coronavirus anxiety – allowing you to care better for you and others.  A simple way to do this is with long, deep breaths. Take at least three full breaths, counting to five with the inhale, and counting to five with the exhale. And with the exhale, intentionally release tension. That calms down the nervous system and helps us come out of the worrying thoughts. One of my favourite brief meditation is by Tara Brach (Listen here for 5 minutes mindfulness).

6. Use Telemental health or Online-Based Therapist.

If your depression, anxiety or panic attack becomes unmanageable, you can always opt for telemental health or online therapy sites for help. However, you would need to ensure the therapist or counsellor so have a valid license so you know you are in good hands. There are many therapists available because most of them work from home, or during odd hours to cater to clients from all parts of the world, including rural areas. We can do these sessions over call, video, online, and even email. For more info, refer here for more details on the websites.


I hope what I shared in here will be helpful, do let me know in comment what else you would you like to see on my blog.






Staycation @ The Nomad


First, I would like to apologize for not being able to post regularly, I’ve been meaning to tick off all the pending posts of my list but never seemed to get the time to do. Anyhow, I am all pumped up with the motivation to complete what’s left. I’m back with another review, but this time it will be about an Air BnB. Let’s go, peeps!

Have you ever realized how rejuvenated you feel after a good holiday? Working in a phase moving era often results in an over-exhausted mind and body, and without a vacation in between, your body might end up shutting down, so it is essential for one to take a time off between routines and work. I understand, no one can take a long holiday for multiple times in a year, so my goal is to share my experience on the short stays that can you can definitely go during weekends, especially if you are living in Kuala Lumpur because there are a lot of places that can provide a Zen-filled weekend to get you ready for the busy week ahead.

The Nomad.

Located strategically in Bangsar, an affluent residential suburb on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, The Nomad is one of the best places for a quiet and calm weekend getaway. I opted for this serviced apartment after going on a trip through “Google Map”. The place is peaceful, surrounded by greeneries that isn’t a usual scene in Kuala Lumpur; I got an adequate dose of nature during my one 2 days, 1-night here.

Early last year, I have made it customary for myself to take a break during my alternate off weekends. Being in the industry that deals with clients daily can take a toll on your health, especially your mental health, hence why I need a new environment which has a tranquillity factor to it. The Nomad fits in the description perfectly, it is just 20 mins drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre.


5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Nomad situates between Bangsar South and Bangsar, the two most happening places in Kuala Lumpur. If you are someone who enjoys exploring places on your feet, then you can take a stroll to Bangsar Baru where you are greeted by casual open-air restaurants specializing in traditional Malay and Indian cuisine on the busy roads of Jalan Telawi and Lorong Maarof, while the surrounding lanes host a boisterous mix of sports bars, gastropub, and cocktail lounges. There are also plenty of indie fashion boutiques and hip cafes serving specialty brews.

Mid Valley Megamall, one of the famous shopping malls in Malaysia is only 10 mins drive away while the nearest mall is definitely KL Gateway Mall, Bangsar Village and Bangsar Village 2. It’s not over-exaggerating if I say there is definitely something for everyone with little hassle, which makes The Nomad the best place to stay even for a weekend getaway.

Aparthotel – Two-bedroom Premier Suite.

5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I arrived at this location with my sister – I upgraded my weekend gateway to a weekend bonding with my sister. We opted for the two-bedroom Premier Suite. Just like the name say, the apartment has 2 bedrooms with individual bathrooms, which is smart because I don’t enjoy waking up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom, so having one attached to the room is convenient. As for the apartment itself, it is spacious and equipped with the basic furniture, for example, a dining table and a sofa set. Apart from that, the unit has appliances such as microwave, electric thermal pot, and cooking utensils. This allows the guests can choose to either go out or have a comfortable weekend within the vicinity of the apartment.

The best part of this place is they also give the guests a choice to choose if they would like to spend their holiday in a renovated contemporary unit or enjoy a little old school atmosphere in their older units, which is well antiquated. I totally prefer the older units but none was available during my stay, so I settled with the newer ones and I definitely did not regret it.

Now, let’s get to the details; the whole unit like I have mentioned earlier is spacious – from the living room to the balcony, rooms and even the bathroom. They equip it with a shower that provided both a hot and cold bath. They also provide toiletries, towel, hairdryer and vanity mirror to the patron’s convenience. Also, what I found in the wardrobe was a huge relief – any guesses? Ironing board and iron! Many of you guys might find it weird, but for me, it is essential, but I cannot wear anything that has a crease on it unless it is the design. It has always become an issue for me and I would need to send a few of my clothes for ironing and I find it quite a hassle, plus its just extra expenses, which I avoid especially for a two days stay.

Old School un-renovated unit.

The View.  

5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This property has a stunning view – the unit I was staying had New Pantai Expressway as the view, and it was nothing less than beautiful. To be honest, you will not get the sunrise view as the apartment was facing toward the west, but it will not be disappointing as you will watch an amazing transition of sunset. The color burst of the scenario itself will give you the much-needed serenity after a busy week. And when it’s not sunset time, you can enjoy a view of high rising buildings in a stretched line. It is a serenity of its own.


5/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Some of us possess this habit of doing the things we do daily, even if we are on a vacation. Fear not because The Nomad has amenities that will definitely meet your expectations. Relax by the pool or sweat in the gym. Perhaps organize a BBQ party: 

  • Covered Car Park
  • Swimming Pool
  • BBQ Pit
  • Gym
  • Self-serviced laundrette (washer & dryer)
  • Activity/Yoga Room (coming soon)



Final Words.

Amidst the Movement Control Order that we are going through at the moment, you can take a break from the COVID-19 news and have a peaceful weekend. If you are looking for a short getaway, check out The Nomad Residence at following details:

The Nomad Serviced Residences Bangsar

Address: 136, Jalan Ara, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.

Phone: 03-2092 3232


I: https://www.instagram.com/nomadbangsar/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nomadbangsar



Till next time **toodlessss**

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So Dim Sum, So Delicious

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.”
― George Bernard Shaw, Man, and Superman

A traditional dim sum brunch includes various types of steamed buns such as bao (a steamed bun filled with barbeque meat), rice or wheat dumplings and rice noodle rolls, which contain a range of ingredients, including beef, chicken, pork, prawns, and vegetarian options. And dim sum literally means “touch the heart“, so did my heart got touched when I visited So Dim Sum? Let’s find out!

So Dim Sum.

Yet another trip to I-City Mall for some good food. When I was contacted by the So Dim Sum team to try out their menu in their new outlet, I was delighted! As a prominent foodie, it almost felt like a blessing – and I might be a little dramatic over here, but I was truly excited that I didn’t mind driving for 30 minutes in heavy rain. And if you are not familiar with the I-City mall, then let me guide you to So Dim Sum. It’s located on the 3rd floor and quite close to the escalator – so easy to spot! The restaurant is quite big so you don’t have to worry about gathering with your family – if there are like 13 of them! They will arrange the apt place for you – I am sure because the staffs are friendly and always ready to accommodate your needs.


The restaurant was decorated moderately or rather, minimal which is quite refreshing because most of the restaurants I visit have an extravagant interior design but a cramped place. If you have kids or babies, you can definitely sit them by your side without taking up space from other patrons. The other cool thing about this place is they have multiple payment choices available to choose from, so you can choose to pay via cash, credit/debit card or Boost application, convenient isn’t it?


So Dim Sum offers an ala carte menu, as to how it is supposed to be hence you do not have to worry about wasting food. Plus, this definitely benefits on your side as you and your friends can try as much of the dish on the menu as you want without spending many bucks. I mean especially if you are a food enthusiast then you would not stop with only one choice from the menu. Back to my visit, I invited my sister and a few of my other friends to come along because sharing is caring, you know? If you are wondering what did I order, check out the mouth-watering pictures :

Prawn Cheong Fun – Rm8.00

This is said to be one of the hottest selling dishes! And I kid you not – it was actually good! Also, I feel it was a little more liquid-ish than the normal ones-but definitely not a bad choice.

Fried Dumpling – Rm6.00

Fried dumpling takes the crown – all day every day since I LOVE DUMPLINGS. And this wasn’t that oily so health enthusiasts can give a try, at-least ONCE! Especially, if you are looking for the crunchy factor then this is your GO TO!

Black Pepper Siew Mai | RM6.50

I have mentioned multiple times in my previous blog posts how much I dislike black-pepper since my college days and I keep discovering food with black-pepper as one of the main ingredients that are gradually turning me into a believer. So this pretty thing here did its magic too. This should be in your MUST-HAVES!

Mentaiko Siew Mai – Rm7.00

Hello cheesy lovers! This Siew Mai is definitely going to be your favorite! I am not sure if these exist in other places ( forget about Google) because traditional dim sum shops do not offer this as far as I am concerned!

Wanton Mee | Rm4.50

One of my many favorite dishes from Chinese cuisine is definitely Wanton Mee! Although I find this a little dry it’s okay for the price that has been offered. You can give this a try if rice is not your thing.

SO Fried Rice | Rm9.50

Fried Rice! Fried Rice! Is there any better comfort food than fried rice for us Malaysians? If you have not tried one in a Chinese restaurant, then this is definitely one you have to try this one because this Halal version is as good as the nonhalal one! And the portion can be shared between 2-3 pax so the price is indeed worth it.

Beancurd Roll | Rm6.00

Mushroom Siew Mai | Rm7.00


Totally would recommend for Halal Dim Sum because the taste isn’t so much different from the one available in the Chinese restaurants. Also, the price is reasonable especially if you are looking to have a gathering with friends or family; the menu starts from Rm4.00 and goes up till Rm9.50 however it is something that share-able hence food wastage can be avoided tremendously. Not only that, you can also select multiple dishes and share with your group – that way, you can try multiple dishes without causing a hole in your wallet.

Food : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ambiance: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Staff : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Price : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Total : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

That is all for now, till next time **toodles**

Candle lit up!

I am a candle hoarder, to begin with – and there no candle that can never get my attention. I am only a strong believer in candles because I find my peace within the flickering light and scent from any candle.

I started this journey quite some time ago where I used to get my candles from the Rm2 stores where you get these 3 tiny little candles in a pack ( if you are wondering, that is equivalent to $0.50). I was in school so I could only use my pocket-money to purchase them – but the truth is, I never actually really used any of these because I felt they were too pretty to be wasted – irony much.

I only started lighting up candles when I joined college – it’s not because I got the better ones but I was in a phase where I constantly wanted to unwind after a long day at classes. I remember my first option was incense sticks or also known as “Agarbathis” – I loved how it instantly remove the negativity in my room and my mind keeping me at peace.

Here are 5 ways you’ll benefit from burning candles:


Try to light up a candle in a dark room and the flickering of the light alone will leave you much admiration for them who discovered candle. Humankind once used the light from the candle for almost every activity in their life – be it to light up a dark room or as a companion for a study night – candle changed how we operate daily. True that we no longer need the light from it for all the technology we are blessed with electricity but there is no harm to be basic once a while to each the mind. Give it a try the next time you have a stressful day: light a candle, watch the flame and just breathe for a few minutes – even just 60 seconds can make a big difference.


Candles make some of the best gifts because it is super multi-purpose and this is something I’ve been practising for a good number of years now. But – as a reminder, get something that you know will make that person feel better so I always opt for soft scenes or something that you often smell in massage parlours. Not necessarily your recipients will be using it but it is also ideal as a decor – so its quite a win-win situation!

3. Mood Stabilizer

Aromatherapy candles can help you relax, feel calm, energized and help your brain get into a more productive mindset. There is a zillion of candles available for a million reasons – you can pick up whatever that you’ll need to ease you at the moment. Here are some tips :

  1. Lavender candles help ease your mind and relieve stress. 
  2. Eucalyptus candles are energizing and improve focus. 
  3. Lemon candles are also energizing and can relieve anxiety and depression.
  4. Floral candles help to soothe your emotions.

4. Fragrance

Scented candles are my favourite go-to to add a wonderful fragrance to my space. If you have any unwelcoming odours – candle can easily cover it up within a couple of minutes. With the number of choices available – you can almost customize how you want your room or home to smell – amazing right? Also, this is another way of adding the scent without the soot: candles made from soy wax are soot free, non-toxic, burn clean, and last much longer than traditional paraffin which produces black soot and releases toxic carcinogens into the air. 


Lighting candles during meditation is a wonderful way to support your practice. There are many visualization exercises and manifestation techniques that involve focusing on the flame of a burning candle while sending your intentions into the universe. Candles are also used during prayer. Also, Wiccans have been practising candle magic for a long time because it’s often said that candle magic is one of the oldest forms of magic in human history. I couldn’t agree better!

I hope this should encourage you to get one set for yourself but nevertheless, it’s an informative read ( I think so, right? *starts preparing a candle for magic*). I cannot speak for anyone but having a candle session has proved therapeutic for me plus it’s not expensive. Also, you can get a lot of types as per your choice, so it’s not a bad thing at all. Go ahead, give it a try and let me know what do you think?

A couple of pictures were taken from Ohlilin’s gallery. They’ve been really nice to collaborate with me on this and will share my experience specifically with their candles for my 2020 journey blog posts. Check out a little info on the :

The reason I love Ohlilin candles is they are health friendly – checkout why I say so :

  • Their products are made from palm wax, which means it’s fully produced from our Malaysian palm wax. Other candles are generally made from paraffin which is a petroleum based product. So, it’ll be like burning petrol based scented product in your air. 
  • Their products are environmentally sustainable and it’s a renewable source! Go team Earth!
  • Palm wax generally burns longer than other waxes. So you save money !
  • Their large candles can burner for at least 40 hours. Which means if you burn it for 2 hours a day – you can use it for 20 days!
  • Their candles produce no soot, clean burn – no black smoke. ( read point 4 to know more about soot)
  • Every single candle is handmade and poured, so there is perfection in imperfection.
  • Their candles have a pretty crystal surface – only naturally occurring with palm wax. Not sure what that means? Get one for yourself to know *winks*

Excited to get on for yourself? You can visit their IG store here : https://instagram.com/ohlilin?igshid=15bjmd1w7zhg ! Check them out for more info and also babies are totally sold out for now – IMAGINE HOW GOOD THEY ARE ! So check their page for more new updates.

Till next time – Toodles!

CHAPAYOM – The sticky rice I can never get over !

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world – J.R.R Tolkien

I’ve spent the last half decade learning about food when I actually eat it. I am not sure how I started this but it turns out that I find it quite fascinating to know the flavors of each food we eat. To my surprise, no dish is ever same and not even the one you cook entirely based on the recipe book – amazing right? Alright, let’s get into the topic.

Last Sunday, I was invited to review this one Thai kiosk located in Central I-City and if you still cannot guess it then it is – CHAPAYOM. Okay, a little intro ;

Cafe Chapayom was founded in 1993 – serving organic Thai coffees and Thai teas procured from organic farmers and their highland plantations. Cafe ChaPayom is an amalgamation of ambition and passion to master the art of making authentic Thai coffee and tea – and I could not agree better, why you ask? I will share in a bit.


Signature Drinks.

Thai Milk Green Tea.

If you know me then you know how much I love my milk tea. Whether its Teh Tarik or Masala tea – I gulp it like water. Scary but that’s the truth – so when I was served with two varieties of tea, I was really excited and guess who won this round? Of course – THAI MILK GREEN TEA.

Green Tea for me is the healthier option of the lot – for one the name green tea alone is enough to make you feel healthy, right? But most of the time I avoid drinking coffee or milk tea with a hint of green tea because it makes me feel nauseas but it was not the case with Chapayom’s Thai Milk Green Tea.

Although the scent is strong so you’d its green, the taste begs to differ. The combination of milk & green tea turns out mild where the green taste isn’t over powering the taste of the milk – I actually enjoyed drinking it. What makes me love this drink even more is that they even added mango pudding into it. For your information, I am not a fan of boba / tapioca pearls and always opted for either nata de coco or grass jelly so when it was served with pudding – I’m sold!

Rating : 4/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Thai Milk Rose Tea

This totally reminds of the song “La Vie En Rose”. Pretty color and the mango pudding made it even prettier – pretty pretty sight I would say. But taste wise ? I wouldn’t go for it. As a Malaysian – I am familiar with Air Bandung, Sirap Bandung or simple Bandung. If you are not sure what this is – it is a drink quite popular in Southeast Asia and Indian subcontinent, notably in India, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. It consists of evaporated milk or condensed milk flavoured with rose cordial syrup, giving it a pink colour. The drink is an adaptation of rose milk served in India.

The think why’d I not go for it is that I was initially confused with the taste. I opted for it right after it was served but I had hard time completing if it was strawberry milk tea instead. Of course, it tasted familiar but the tea was quite strong compared to the rose flavor itself that I drank 1/4 of it thinking it was strawberry milk tea 😂😂. But to be honest, the taste is not bad and I kind of like it but not as much as the Green Tea.

Rating : 2/5 🌟🌟

Tom Yam Thai Noodle 🍜

I love hot noodles with soup – and if it is Tom Yam then I am totally into it. I find this dish kind of on the average side as it was lacking some flavor. I am not very sure if it was only my taste bud or it was literally lack of flavor – but they could actually work a little on it. Nevertheless I love how creative they are adding crab-stick and fish ball into the dish which means a bowl can keep you full for a long time – so this can actually be a good meal for lunch perhaps? Nevertheless, it was not a bad experience because I did like the noodles but not as much as I’ve expected. Give it a try and let me know of your experience.

Rating : 3/5 🌟🌟🌟

Tom Yam Thai Noodles


Thai Som Tam – Papaya Salad

One of the Thai best dish I have ever tried! I strongly recommend to anyone trying Chapayom. This mouth watering combination of green papaya, chili , peanuts and the sweet plus sour sauce will leave you wanting for more. Warning to those who cannot handle spiciness – THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. I’m gifted with spicy tolerance till level 6 which is a little more than the average spiciness but this was beyond me.

I love how it taste but the magic comes from the chili that was cut into small chunks. It almost felt like I was eating pickles – which literally it is. For those of you don’t know what is “Som Tam” – it is green papaya salad which is not only a signature dish in Thailand but also a popular one in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, though the Thai version is certainly the most famous. It’s a street food in Thailand but pretty much a proper meal in Malaysia. Btw, you are welcome to let them know if you’d like to adjust on the spiciness based on the amount of chili used.

If you are visiting Chapayom – put this into your list and you will not regret it!

Rating : 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟



Jackfruit Sticky Rice.

This totally win this round. Reason being I love jack fruit and I love sticky rice, so now make them into a dish and experience a piece of heaven. I know I can be a little dramatic at times but that is what happens when you get a long term food coma after trying the best sticky rice in town. Call me ignorant, but this was the first time I am trying “Jackfruit Sticky Rice” – first I was of course surprised but then I was mind-blown by the combination. A definite YES YES YES for anyone who swings by Chapayom while shopping in Central I-City.

Rating : 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Mango Sticky Rice

I like mango sticky rice without a doubt and no matter how “tasteless” it is, I’d still enjoy it 😂 but in this case – IT WAS REALLY REALLY GOOD. The consistency of the coconut milk is perfect – I mean it will not end you up with sore throat for sure ( trust me, I’ve been there many times). Also, I love the non usual sticky rice – I mean the ones I usually have is white or blueish but these ones where in pink too! How creative is that? The mango was juicy which is important as it determines the final taste when you mix all the ingredients. Nevertheless – I love it!

Rating : 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

That is pretty much sums up my experience at Chapayom Cafe and I would definitely go back for a good cup of hot Thai Green Milk Tea ( yes I want to try the hot version this time and of course – JACKFRUIT STICKY RICE !

You can find them at the following details :

Chapayom @ Central i-City, 

LG-K01, Central i-City Mall, Seksyen, 7, I-City, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

Alright, till next time TOODLES.